Powerball Is Here! [VIDEO]

Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:22 PM.

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  1. Well was the first set for life won here in Maryland or some where else, I would really like to know.
    Thank you

    • Ella Lynn: Our Set for Life ticket was only sold in Maryland. The winner from the 1st Set for Life second-chance contest was from Prince Georges County. The Set for Life 2 drawing has not yet taken place.

  2. John Holmes

    Will Maryland offer a subscription to Powerball like they do for Mega A Million?

  3. Why do the same State wins the jackpot?Cailfornia , NY, NJ ect. Do you get a kick back for that? MD Lottery collects millions and never let a MD win the jack pot. I wonder, if other see what I see? And no one in Maryland has ever won the jackpot. What’s up with that?

    • Jamie Driver: Maryland has had 12 Mega Millions jackpot winners since the inception of the game. The largest Mega Millions jackpot ever won in Maryland was $183 million in 2003. Although the last jackpot win in Maryland was in September 2008, we do have constant second and third-tier winners. In the past two months alone, we’ve had six $250,000 second-tier winners and 24 third-tier $10,000 winners in Maryland. Here’s the link to our list of jackpots won in Maryland. Click here.

      Powerball just began in Maryland on January 31st.

  4. Please I would like to know what happen to the set for life, I have sent in tickets and not heard anything, Now don’t get me wrong , I am not , saying this because I thought i won, I’m saying that I have not heard of a drawing or any thing and that is when it first started, so please keep me inform of what is going on. I play lotterys every day midday and evenung and I play scratch offs every day all so, I think that I should hear something about all the games being sold. I am not being mean I just want to know if you receive my mail in or what, Please be fair , I am not rich and don’t have money like that, but I am just like anyone else would like to win some time. Now is it any way possible that i can get a supscriptions of some of the scatch offs if this is possible would you please contact me by my e-mail. Thank you very much,
    Ella Lynn my e-mail ellalynn133@msn.com

    • Ella Lynn: The original Set for Life drawing took place in November 2008 (collecting L-I-F-E). The Set for Life 2 drawing has not taken place yet (collecting C-A-S-H). The drawing date won’t be determined until the end of the ticket. We do not offer subscriptions for scratch-offs. The only games that have subscriptions to at this time are Mega Millions and Multi-Match.

  5. Thomas Vandenoever

    Please explain how I can get an application to purchase an annual menbership to play in the Power Ball drawings. I have a membership for the Mega Millions drawings. Thank you. Tom Vandenoever

  6. How come MD lottery website does not link to past drawn numbers for Powerball?

  7. baltimore city

    I am a heavy lottery player who plays one to two hundred dollars a week in Maryland lottery games. However; since my bad experience at the 7-11 store on west franklin street at franklintown road, I now catch the Marc train on franklin street to washington DC to play lottery. Because this 7-11 store only allows , me to play two number that are not on electronic slips, where as; the DC lottery agents allow me to play as many lottery numbers that I want wiithout using electronic slips. The west franklins street 7-11 employees seem to always have a attitude with customers like myself that invest large sums of cash playing the maryland lottery pick3 and pick 4 daily games. They will tell you in a nastey tone of voice that you can only play two numbers, anymore must be on an electonic slips. WOW! I figure because of this experience the state of maryland has lost five to twelve thousands dollars a year from me. I can only image how many hundred of thousands of dollars the state of Maryland is losing from other customers in this 7-11 store who walks out because they can only play two numbers. Never the less; DC lottery agents welcomes me with a positve attitude as I spend my thousands in their Distric. Thank you DC and I have been winning the lottery big every since!

    • baltimore city: Errors are more likely to be made when no playslip is used. Some retail locations ask players to use playslips so we can avoid these errors. We will have a lottery representative look into this situation so all of our players can have as positive experience as possible.

    • regular lottery

      I’m a little tick too, just like the balt. city person. I use to play my numbers at giant in catonsville. the girl at customer service said to me. I’m sorry, you have to put your numbers on a lottery slip. she had an attitude like the person at the 7-11. anyway I said I have too many numbers, Iwould need at least 5 slips. the person said,well once you write it down, you won’t have to do it again. I stated I play different numbers most of the time. she said O-WELL, now I also play about $125. a week and I ‘m a regular customer, well I use to be. I also brought my food there, so now I go to the asian store, I did stay here in MD. in my case giant will take this lost. my bi weekly was around $420. al because I have write my numbers down.

      • regular lottery: We apologize for any inconvenience. It is recommended that all players use a playship to avoid errors in numbers. Errors are more likely to be made when no playslip is used. Some retail locations ask players to use playslips so we can avoid these errors. We want all of our players to have a positive experience. Feel free to grab a few playslips and take them home to fill them our in your spare time. Also, if you decide to play the same numbers feel free to keep your playslips for future use so you don’t have to fill them out again.

        Thank you for your feedback and good luck.

  8. I play lottery at the giant food market on Reisterstown road in Owings Mills. i have purchased lotterys after nine on occasions. But there are times when I am told that I can not purchase lotterys after nine. It all depends on who is working the lottery machine. Nine pm.

  9. Can I purchase a subscription for PowerBall?

  10. Expland the Power Play to people, some people,
    think that if you HIT the Jack Pot on Power Play you get the Big Money as meny times as you played like this last Drawing was power play 2 times so you would get two times the amount.

  11. Not a complainer but I play two playslips, one for Md lottery and one for Pa lottery. I purchase tickets depending upon the location I find myself at. This means I need two playslips for Pa and two for Md because the barcodes are different. Will you be standardizing the barcodes anytime soon?

  12. I stop at Royal Farms in Elkridge Maryland to get my power ball and Mega tickets and just about every time I do I have to wait a loooong time to get waited on . I was told tonight Lottory comes last as the store keeper was sweeping the floor and arguing with two other employees saying how much he hates lottory . Shocked me they even have Keno in there

    • Tracy: We are very sorry for this inconvenience. Please send along the exact location and we’ll have a lottery representative look into the matter. We appreciate your feedback.

  13. I have been buying the power ball since they have put it out, I don’t understand the game, if you have time please explain it to me. my e-mail adress is ellalynn133@msn.com. Thank you very Much again Ella Lynn

  14. how many draws can you purchase for power ball at one time.

  15. Bill Anderson

    The royal farms store on n. salisbury blvd said they do not sell powerball tickets. Where can I buy them in salisbury, md

    • Bill Anderson: All lottery locations in Salisbury and throughout the state of Maryland with a terminal can sell Powerball. We will have a sales representatives look into this specific situation for you.

    • Bill: I just spoke with our sales representative for the Salisbury region. He verified that the Royal Farms is in fact selling Powerball. Maybe it was just a one time mix-up. Please let us know if you have any other issues.

  16. where do you find past winning pick3 pick4 numbers ?

  17. I am excited that Powerball has come to Maryland – No more having to drive to DC.
    I like playing Powerball better than MegaMillions because I always win more with playing the powerplay.
    Good Luck everyone and let’s let the next winner be in Maryland

  18. went to a 7-11 eight in the morning to use bank machine ask for $5.00 mega million ticket only to be told they don’t turn lottery on until 10 am Whats up with that it is an 24/7 store

  19. Just wanted to say I don’t like the new way you display the winning numbers. To many numbers in boxes. Hope everyone agrees and you go back to old setup.

    • Chris: The layout of the website is constantly changing. The current layout of the Powerball information is designed to call attention to the 6 different winning numbers. We will keep your comments in mind when undertaking any future design enhancements.

  20. I am excited to have powerball!! I believe I am going to be the first Maryland jackpot winner!!

  21. Doesn’t make sense to play the Powerball without the powerplay.
    I also want to know why DC & PA. have a multipier in the Mega Millions game and MD. doesn’t?

    • Queen2: We do have Powerplay with Powerball. Some players choose to play the Powerplay because of the benefits associated with it and others don’t. If you or anyone else want to read about Powerball and its benefits, you can download our brochure here.

      Unfortunately, we are an original Mega Millions state we do not have the Megaplier at this time. We are evaluating it and will look into adding it in the future.

  22. Had a great time at the MD State Lottery Party! Great to meet all the faces we see on TV. Thanks MD State Lottery!

  23. Tried to click the link to see the prize structure and………….nothing! Would like to know that! AND will the site show the winners in Md and so on like the Mega Mill.

    Anyway bought a few to try 🙂

  24. This is exciting. I purchased my tickets on Sunday. No more driving to D.C.! Woo hoo. Good luck to everyone. Hopefully Marylanders will win the next jackpot. Best wishes.

  25. I am also interested in subscriptions for Powerball.

  26. Oh, yes. If subscriptions are permitted, when will those forms be available?

  27. I couldn’t get to play the power ball numbers on the first day available because the Royal Farm Store near me had no idea how the game works. I just wanted to play the numbers on first day and was very disappointed when not being able to get a ticket.

    • Cindy: We apologize for any inconvenience. Can you please send us the exact location so we can look into the matter, as this should not be the case. Thanks for your feedback.

  28. When can we purchase subscriptions to Powerball? I am ready.

  29. i never won nothing in life, but had nice time at the powerball party.

  30. I had the same problem as ‘mikespit’ yesterday afternoon at a retailer and then no better luck at an automated dispenser machine elsewhere. Also, the “How To Play” Powerball link on this website needs to be edited.

  31. James Willoughby

    Pick me Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

  32. Feb 1 – Stopped at two lottery retailers, and neither had playslips or information. Once again the Maryland Lottery has put the cart before the horse.


  34. I was scheduled to attend the Powerball on Sunday, but could not make it because of the snow. I knew I missed a nice one. However, I will be playing. I am glad you are keeping it in Maryland and I hope I be the very winner. I am lucky at bingo and hope I can be lucky this.

  35. Just got back from the Powerball Party. It was a great time. The band rocked. All the Maryland Lottery Personel were wonderful. Congratulations to all the winners. Hopefully I have the first wining Powerball ticket in Maryland. Good luck to all.

  36. I already got my tickets $5.00 I picked and $5.00 were quick pick…I’de like to be the first time winner… Mike

  37. simms simmorins

    great idea to keep money in maryland good luck

  38. leave me the winning numbers of power ball