$250K Mega Millions Winner

Mega MillionsOn Friday, January 22 one lucky Maryland Lottery player became a 2nd tier Mega Millions winner. The winning ticket was sold at Jolly Rogers Disc LQ in Cumberland, MD.  If you were in the area, check your tickets to see if you were the big winner.

One response to “$250K Mega Millions Winner

  1. I would think with the economy not as good as it should be…the maryland lottery would let more than 1 person win the lotto’s all of them.think if you all let more than 1 person win, the money can get around to a lot of people and a lot of people can benefit from that.One family would help other people in their family and that way the revenue, and that way other people can win and help their family as well…THAT MAKE A LOT OF SENSE TO ME…..HELP MORE THAN ONE PERSON!!!!! THANK YOU