Ravens Cash Fantasy Extra Yards DOUBLER

Ravens Cash FantasyThe Ravens secured their seat on the playoff bus last weekend with a hard fought 21-13 win over the Oakland Raiders.  They head into wild card weekend as the sixth seed in the AFC ready to avenge a tough week four loss to the New England Patriots this Sunday at 1 PM in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

In honor of the Ravens playoff berth, we are offering you a very unique limited time offer.  Enter your extra yards with promo code WILD CARD to double the yards that are being entered at that time. That means if your ticket has 20 extra yards, you will now receive 40. If your ticket has 100 extra yards, you will receive 200.  If you enter two tickets valued a 50 yards each, you will double each ticket for a total of 200 yards.

This is a limited time offer valid Friday, January 8 at Noon through Sunday, January 10 at Noon only. The promo code can only be used one time per account transaction up to ten tickets.


  1. Purchase a Ravens Cash Fantasy Scratch-off ticket
  2. Visit www.mdlottery.com/ravens
  3. Log-in or create an account
  4. Click ENTER YARDS
  5. Enter in TICKET CODE(S) and the PROMO CODE (WILD CARD)

This is your chance to get those precious yards to enter-to-win fantastic second chance prizes including season tickets for life, 2010 season and skybox tickets, a game worn jersey and more!  And remember, the final $1 million top prize is still out there!

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Learn more at www.mdlottery.com/ravens.

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8 responses to “Ravens Cash Fantasy Extra Yards DOUBLER

  1. I actually won one of the prizes in the Ravens contest and submitted the required information via fax on 12/10/09.

    Can you tell me how long it will take to receive my prize? It was an autographed photo.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I am a little confused as to what you mean by “The promo code can only be used one time per account transaction up to ten tickets.” I used the promot code to enter one extra yards of 70, then tried another code from another ticket and it didn’t work.

    • Eric: Before you hit the SUBMIT button, you have to hit the ENTER ANOTHER TICKET button. This will allow you to input multiple tickets under the same promo code. I’m afraid, however, that you will no longer be able to take advantage of this as the promo code has already been registered under your account and cannot be used again.

  3. can I re-enter the losing tickets again with the codes. I don’t have the $ to buy more. Thanks

  4. Anthony Folkes

    I am an avid Ravens fan. I am presently out of the state. Is it possible I can purchase Ravens scratch offs in the mail. Thanks

    • Anthony: State law prohibits us from selling tickets in any manor other than through our over 4,000 state retailers. State law also prohibits us from sending games across state lines.