Montgomery County Woman Begins New Year a Millionaire

Wins $1,000,000 Gold Bar Bonus Top Prize

Gold Bar BonusA Germantown woman became the Maryland Lottery’s first millionaire of 2010.  The 51-year-old won the $1 million top prize on the new Gold Bar Bonus scratch-off.

The winner’s fiancé stopped at the store on Sunday to cash in $40 worth of winning tickets.  He then purchased two of the $20 Gold Bar Bonus scratch-offs.  When he got home, his fiancé scratched the tickets and revealed the big win.

“I started crying immediately,” said the winner, a Federal Employee.  “We were both numb!”  Her fiancé added, “You always hope to win, but you never really expect it.”

The win couldn’t have come at a better time.  The happy couple is moving into a new house this month, and can now indulge a little more.  The winner also plans to buy a new car and save some of the winnings.  “This win will allow us to live more comfortably, and hopefully help me retire early!”

When given the choice between the annuity and the cash option, the winner chose the latter.  The winning ticket was purchased at 5 Twelve Food Mart, located at 7001 Annapolis Rd. in Hyattsville.  Gold Bar Bonus, which launched last month, still has two remaining top prizes.

6 responses to “Montgomery County Woman Begins New Year a Millionaire

  1. No. Not really. That is what the card says, however the key only goes to $500, what if it is more than that $500? Must you always have 2 or more bars?

  2. I played the Gold bar bonus and had one gold bar that read $1,000,000. What is needed to when the million dollar prize???? There is nothing on the card that tells you when you when a top prize!

    • Tee: For game one you must match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any 1 or more of the 5 WINNING NUMBERS to win the prize amount for that number. For game two, you have to match 3 like symbols in the same ROW to win the prize shown for the row. The gold bar bonus comes into play by counting the gold bars revealed in games 1 and 2. If you reveal 2 or more gold bars combined across both games, you win the bonus prize as shown on the GOLD BAR BONUS LEGEND on the front of the ticket. Hope that helps.

  3. I have been buying the Platinum Rewards scratch-offs since they first came out. I must have spent over $7,000 on these. The biggest amount I have won is only $100.00. This is terrible. I play the $20.00 scratchoffs because the prizes should be better. My friend in Florida plays the $20.00 and $30.00 scratchoffs down there and has won lots of money. I have gone from store to store in Maryland. I don’t think I will buy these anymore:(

    • Henry: Prizes are distributed randomly throughout the total game and there is no pattern as to where they will occur. We do have parameters and guidelines that are set, depending on the price point, so that non-winning tickets do not exceed a certain number in succession. Like all Lottery games, scratch-off results are purely the luck of the draw and are simply a matter of random chance.