Harford County Teacher Gets All A’s Playing Mega Millions

Becomes 34th Marylander to Win Game’s Second Tier Prize This Year

Yolanda Pressbury of Belcamp was doing some grocery shopping last week in preparation for Christmas.  As she was leaving the check-out counter she saw that she had a single dollar bill in her purse and, on a whim, she spent that dollar on a Mega Millions ticket.  Trust a teacher to make a good decision.

“I put the ticket on my refrigerator and forgot about it,” she told officials.  “It wasn’t until I happened to hear the winning numbers on the car radio that I thought about it.  Some of those numbers sounded familiar.”  While the soon-to-retire Middle School teacher didn’t immediately check her ticket with the excitement of the holiday keeping her busy, she did have a strong feeling that it was a winner.  When she returned to the store a few days later her feelings were made even stronger.  “They had a sign posted that they’d sold a big winner sold there, I knew it was me.”

Believe it or not, Yolanda and her husband never actually checked their ticket, never confirmed that the numbers matched – they just believed so strongly that it was true that they didn’t need to.  That belief and that winning $250,000 Mega Millions ticket are going to allow them to help their son with his college loans as well as take care of some other family bills.  When asked what she’d be getting for herself, Yolanda surprised officials – and her husband.  “I may get myself a motorcycle to match my husband’s.”

The teacher and the ticket found each other at Klein’s grocery store at 1321 Riverside Parkway in Belcamp.

5 responses to “Harford County Teacher Gets All A’s Playing Mega Millions

  1. YAY!!! She was my art teacher too & I loved her & her class. I’m so happy for her!

  2. CPL K. Terry

    WOW! This could not have happened to a nicer person. I work with Mrs. Presberry at HDG Middle and she is there every day with a smiling face saying good morning to each and every kid that comes into the building. Some of those children only ever hear that good morning from her. I am very glad that she has been rewarded for her kindness.

  3. Aaron Willis

    Congrats! She was my art teacher at HDG middle 21 years ago!


  5. CONGRATS! to the lucky winner. It really makes my day to hear that hard working people actually win the lottery. I believe that one day I may win. Good luck to all lottery players and have a wonderful New Year!