Livin’ Lucky Winners



Every two weeks, six winners are selected to receive $300 Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs each!  And, every time an additional 10% of the Livin’ Lucky scratch-off is sold, a drawing will be held for one winner to receive $10,000. At the end of the promotion (after the final claim date has been announced for the scratch-off) a grand prize of $100,000 will be given to one winner.

Remember, you MUST keep the perforated section which contains the lucky code.  If chosen as a winner, you will need to present that in order to claim your prize.  Winners can only claim their Livin’ Lucky prizes with the perforated section.

Livin’ Lucky Winners (who have claimed)

$300 Worth of Livin’ Lucky Tickets
James Thompson from Laurel
Daniel Barner from Indian Head
Godfrey Apugo from Randallstown
Dale Hare from Frederick
Vickie Davis from Columbia
Tracy Bishop from Randallstown
Peter Pham from Silver Spring
Mawuena Raven from Germantown
June Morfe from Towson
Rosemary Frank from Millersville
George Stanton from Port Deposit
Douglas Walker from Waldorf

$10,000 Cash Prize Winners
Peggy Martin from Mechanicsville
Kenneth Hober from Lusby
Jerome Fennoy from Holbrook


161 responses to “Livin’ Lucky Winners

  1. what ever happen to DEAL OR NODEAL second chance, to go to LA,CALFI. TO BE on TV?

    • Eugene: The winners of the trip to Hollywood were selected in March 2009. The DOND TV show with the Lottery winners aired last July. The cash prize winners drawing was conducted in September 2009.

  2. About this GOLD SILVER BRONZE contest,will the drawing be on TV like the LOTTERY said,if so what station date and time?

    • Eugene: The Medal Madness drawing will not be televised. We will announce the winners within the blog. We will also contact each winner directly, but it may take a few days to get to all 100 $1,000 winners. The three big winners will definitely be notified the day of the drawing.

  3. I’m still hopeful to win a 2nd chance drawing. My mom will be celebrating her 70th B-Day in June and I would like to be able to do something very nice for her. She truly deserves it. I love her so much. She deserves best. 🙂

  4. How are the tickets drawn? Are they televised, does a person stick thier hand in a bowl and drawn out a ticket, etc….?

    If I was a winner, wishful thinking, how would you notify me? How much time would I have to respond to my winning ticket?

    Thank You,

    • Kendra: Livin’ Lucky winners are drawn using a random number generator. They are not televised. We notify all winners by phone and/or e-mail. However, we have adjusted the promotion to meet consumer demand. You can now simply look for your name at our new blog entry. The entry will be updated after each drawing so you can bookmark it to check for updates.

  5. what happen to the drawing for jan 21 living lucky(10,000) you said check codes but there is no winner and now you have the drawing for feb 16 what happen to the winner for jan 21 why was jan 21 skipped

    • diggy: The last $10K drawing was in November. We just surpassed the 50% sold mark so the $10K drawing was held February 16. We are in the process of verifying the winner. You can verify your codes with those that have been drawn here.

  6. I am so hopeful to win. Luck hasn’t been with me here of late. Love you contest!

  7. thank you for your responce.

  8. I feel that I was misled as to how the outcome of The Ravens Cash Fantasy winner was announced, you all stated that the drawing would be live but it wasn’t the winners name was announced but the drawing was not televised

    • chon: We sincerely apologize for any confusion we caused you. We did not intend to mislead anyone. The season tickets for life drawing occurred shortly after the drawing deadline on Monday, February 8th at Noon. The clip we ran was a creative way for us to announce the winner for the first time to the public.

  9. i have over 800 tickets to check i understand the people wanting the the codes to be shown but for the people with a lot of codes its a task i asked before and never got a response but how about putting the name beside code for the people with more than 10 codes to check.

  10. I ask about the Mega Buck s second chance drawing and you said someone from Montgomery County won it. I just read were someone name James enquired about the Mega Bucks second chance contest and you said someone from Prince Georges County won it. I hope the Md. Lottery is being truthful to all of there players. It would be very disappointing to find out that the Md. Lottery is not doing the things they say they are doing. I spend a great deal of money on ten and twenty dollar scratches. Even if I never win a contest, as long as someone wins I’m okay. Stay true to your customers.

  11. what happen to the living lucky drawing being held on january 21 now its for feb why wasnt it a drawing

  12. just let me know if i win anythink

  13. 2.2 million tickets were produced with 40% entered into the 2nd chance drawing. What if the ticket is not entered into the 2nd chancw drawing, how will this affect the game ? I know some people will not bother to enter the second chance drawing. SO THIS 2nd chance GAME COULD LAST A LIFE. I know the LOTTERY only select games that are very profitable.

    • Ladydi: The percentage that is used to determine when the $10,000 drawings occur is total sales of the game and has nothing to do with the amount of entries entered into the drawing. For example, the last $10,000 drawing occurred when 50% of the game was sold. The number of entries submitted does not reflect that drawing at all.

  14. william tracey

    I think people would be more happy with the lottery if they knock some of the top prizes down and made alot more smaller prizes.then more people could enjoy a piece of the pot.alot
    more people that dont play would start jumping in.the way the economy is the last thing most people want to do is gamble it away.and it looks like the living lucky ticket sales are real slow.
    i’am trying to find a place to live in baltimore so
    i can win like all the games like they do.i want to live in the random area.


    • jedma: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Please take a look at our press releases from 2009 at There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State.

      Prizes are distributed randomly throughout the total game and there is no pattern as to where they will occur. We do have parameters and guidelines that are set, depending on the price point, so that non-winning tickets do not exceed a certain number in succession. It is simply the luck of the draw as to which scratch-offs are sent to each retail locations.

      Thanks again for your inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our players.

  16. What happen to January 21st Codes

  17. How come the Md. daily drawing is not televised?

    • Agnes: At the current time, drawings are conducted and aired on WBAL-TV Channel 11. WBAL’s signal reaches a sizeable portion of Maryland. Unfortunately, there are some areas in the State that do not receive the signal and therefore can not view the drawings. The Lottery is always looking into ways to bring its drawings to these areas in the future. Remember, you can always find winning numbers and even watch the drawings at

  18. When entering codes I have been entering “0”” as zero or is it the letter “O” or dose it matter?

  19. when is the living lucky game end

  20. When the Living Lucky Game first got started, how many tickets were there total? And of the total number of tickets printed…what percentage of the sold tickets are actually registered for the second chance drawings?

  21. My name is Neil, me and my wife have been playing the lottery since we got married 29 yrs ago. I had a back injury back in 2002, leading to a 3 level spinal fusion.I”M still unable to work, but we still have faith and hope that one day our ship will come in.All i can say to all you lottery player’s is keep your head up high and keep on playing, you got to play to win,hang in there…….

  22. Has the Second Chance Drawing for the $20
    MegaBucks Scratch Game been completed?

  23. What happened to the Trumph Card scratch off #695? They are still shown as having alot of winners left. I have been unable to locate them in Prince Georges’ County or Southern Md.

  24. I was at Lottery head quarters to claim a prize last year and notice a large raffel drum with what looked like a million second chance entries. Do all the second chance drawings from different games get put into the same raffel drum?

    • Ray O: Congrats on the recent win! The large raffle drum that players see at Lottery headquarters is similar to the machine that Lottery officials use to pick winners for any mail-in second chance contest. The machine seen in the lobby was retired several years ago and replaced with a newer machine.

      Mail-in second chance entries are loaded into this drum prior to drawing and a motor mixes the entries in the drum prior to selection. Selections from the drawing machine are made by a blindfolded Lottery official.

  25. i have nothen

  26. Can you win more than once???

    • Nita: $300 worth of tickets – win as many times as you’d like. $10,000 prize – you can not win more than once. $100,000 grand prize – can win even if you already won another prize.


    my question is when will there be a big winner in charles county i won on the ticket codes $400 and my sister in law won $600 why are all the winners or most of the winners in all the lottery winners in baltimore county or near by counties irt makes it seem as if its fixed how can so many pepople in balitimore coutiy and near by cities when so much of the percentage of winners.

    • Patricia: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Therefore, areas in Maryland with higher populations will more likely produce more winners than lower populated areas.

      In addition to being a high-population area with a sizable number of players, Baltimore, MD covers 38 zip codes (USPS info). Residents come from localities all over the Baltimore metropolitan area, for example, a winner from 21286 claiming a prize may be listed in a press release as a Baltimore winner, even though residents in this zip code may be from Baltimore, Loch Raven or Towson.

  28. Giving players the opportunity to post their questions/suggestions regarding the Living Lucky drawings is a great idea. Based on the number of players that welcomed this forum as a contact point with other players and lottery staff . It seems that this type of blog is certainly needed as a means for lottery officials to at least have an idea of what “players ” are questioning and recommending. In my opinion, the majority of the questions that are asked are really about the integrated of the game.

    In fact, some question go beyondf “Living Lucky” and extends to the payout of all “scratch offs”. For example, Maryland Payout is far less than Texas. A quick look at Texas’ website is quite revealling. Transparency apparently is very important to Texas players. At a minimum, Maryland should at least allow their supporters to ask questions in the form of a Q/A for all to read.

    If Maryland is truly seeking ways to improve, why not have a “Scratch-Off blog and improve our own “Scratch-Off” web page to record a more detailed record of daily payouts. Perhaps taking a look at Texas Scratch Off Page would be a stepping stone for improving communication with Md. Players.

  29. it’s not a fair system .sometimes i will play almost ten of the same 5.00 scratch offs in a row .then wow i win 5.00 back.there are 3 stores i play at on the border of maryland.the retailers say they have’nt had over a 500.00 dollar winner on scratch offs in past 4 to 5 years.all i hear is that it’s random.i’am not looking for a million.just something back to show me the game is fair.even when we’re down and out on luck.we still keep trying the lottery just hoping
    but we’re only rewarded another losing ticket.
    what a deal for the money.

    • William: As you are aware, information on the average estimated odds of winning is located on the back of all scratch-off tickets. For example, even though the average chance of winning a prize may be is 1 in 4, this does not mean that there’s an automatic winner within 4 consecutive tickets. Prizes are distributed randomly throughout the total game and there is no pattern as to where they will occur. Like all Lottery games, scratch-off results are purely the luck of the draw and are simply a matter of random chance.

  30. i’d like to know i can write off my donations to the md.state lottery.does the lottery pay taxes on all the money they scam out of us working people just looking to get ahead in life.i only have about 4 thousand dollars in losing tickets this year.but i want them to acount for something.i know if you live on the border of maryland you dont stand a chance.

  31. Can an account be set up for required fields of entry data, i.e. name, address, etc. to avoid repetition each time one enters the lucky code? Something like the Ravens setup. It takes a lot of time to enter the same data, if one has more than a few tickets.




    • Sonya: During the Cash Extravaganza promotion, the Lottery picked 103 winners per day for the entire month of June. Letters were sent out to those who won between $100 and $600. Although winners were contacted by the Lottery, due to the high number of winners per day, the Lottery was not always able to contact them immediately. The rules for the Cash Extravaganza promotion were different than the rules for the Livin’ Lucky promotion.

  34. Will the second chance tickets count towards the sales ? When will th 48% be updated ? How soon after the drwaing will the codes be posted ? Are ther more winners in the county than the city ?

    • Ladi Di: The second-chance tickets do count toward the percentage sold. It will move from the 48% as soon as enough tickets are sold to change the percentage. The geographic location of our winners is random. With the Livin’ Lucky contest, we’ve had winners from all over the State. The codes will be posted within 24-48 hours of the drawing.

  35. Just wanted to ask the question on the date the 6 livin lucky numbers for the 300 worth of scratch off’s when are the numbers actually drawn on that day? Do you contact each winning ticket right away or what? Thanks

  36. I want to know if all the perforated stubs from Livin Lucky are still in for the drawing or are they all thrown out after each drawing. I have entered approximately 150 stubs and I haven’t won, so I stopped entering. Should I continue or is it a waste of my time?

  37. Where do you have the list of tocket numbers that have won but not been claimed I have over 100 of the tickets and have had no phone calls, also played over 100 dollars on the 5 dollar bingo and crossword and did not even get a 5 dollar payback this really stinks

  38. I like to know if anyone wins on the race trax game. I used to win before the Super Bonus. I have spend a lot of money on this game and the keno and cannot seem to win. I play 10 consecutive games daily and still can not win. I am in the process of stop playing all together. I am tied of loosing money.

  39. Thank you very much for your attempt to communicate who the winners are. Do you think it would be possible, for the “Livin’ Lucky” game (or any other game), to provide a box for someone to enter their LUCKY CODE and the system would indicate whether that code is a winner? This request is because it appears that so many people have purchased quite a few tickets since May 18, 2009.

  40. I see that you posted the winning codes for the Living Lucky ticket giveaways. Why not post the names associated with the winning entries. Do you really think people are going to go through each and every one of their tickets comparing it to the list of winning codes?

    • Scott: We do not post the names of winners until they have had the opportunity to present their Lucky code to claim their prize. We have had many requests to post the codes so there is a desire by consumers to cross reference the codes they have versus the winners.

      • Back when the June drawings were taking place, you had no problem posting the winner’s names for the daily winners. I saw that I had won on the website a week before I got notified via email. Just curious why the change now.

      • Scott: During the Cash Extravaganza promotion, the Lottery picked 103 winners per day for the entire month of June. Letters were sent out to those who won between $100 and $600. Although winners were contacted by the Lottery, due to the high number of winners per day, the Lottery was not always able to contact them immediately. The rules for the Cash Extravaganza promotion were different than the rules for the Livin’ Lucky promotion.

  41. Why cant you set it up that you can enter your livin lucky code and it tell you if you won or not or list the winning codes

    • Kevin: We are working on a number of ways to improve the reporting and details of all of our second chance games. We will add this to the list of potential improvements.

  42. My cousin won on the Livin Lucky back in June only way that she found out she had won was I saw her name on the List of Winners and called her. The Maryland Lottery had not called and it had been Two weeks I think The Lottery Board should list the Winners so the people can call you back

  43. I have registered over 60 coupons for Livin Lucky with no winners. The question haw many registered coupons do you have in your data base so that can figure the odds.
    Also why dson’t you have a page for this scratch off on your front page?

    • Frank: We’ve received over 400,000 entries for this contest. You can get to our Livin’ Lucky page through out Second Chance Contests link on the left hand side of the homepage.

  44. Hey guys I think it is best to stay positive and enjoy this.Yes like many I wish I would see my name up there or be a big winner.I played the same numbers for 2 years and the day they came out I did not play them.Ive played all the large games for years and never won.I also won a second chance pre-motion from here but because of my disability had to turn it down as it was for a event I could not attend as no disability arrangements were at that facility.I DO THINK THIS IS FUN and I think to have a positive outlook and enjoy this is why we should be here.If we win a big thing then it is all the better otherwise we had a lot of fun on a free chance they did not have to give us.I guess I am saying enjoy this, there is no conspiracy to single anyone out not to win.They put this here so us devoted players have another chance and some extra enjoyment.You must admit it is nice to look for your name or check the caller ID to see if it is the Maryland lottery.I have spent more than I can ever win in the MD lottery but enjoy every bit of it and still have never won anything big.I will some day and if I win I will still play.It is for the fun so let us not be so serious.There are a lot of players so do not expect to get picked but if you do that is a huge win in my book no matter the amount.It is fun just to check though and see the winners and dream about it.Enjoy as I do

  45. Dear MD lottery…. You do a GREAT JOB of responding to the email inquiries. I’m sure that the questions and comments seem redundant, but you feel that every question is important and needs to be answered. I love the MD lottery. I have better luck in Maryland than PA, WV and VA! Thank you and keep up the great work!

  46. I really cant see why you folks dont understand from all the comments that people want to see some sort of list or something to show who wins here with the livin lucky. You keep repeating the same answers to people and it doesnt mean squat to people. If you randomly select numbers then post the numbers you pick and give people a chance to contact you if they won. So far your practices are making it seem very decietful and it make s people not trust the lottery. Without trust then there will be no sales and no sales means well you know what that means. So every 2 weeks why don’t you just post the randomly selected numbers and let people contact you with there winning stubs. It would make life simpler and restore faith with folks like me who don’t belive you are picking any stubs at all. Just my opinion but Im willing to bet there are alot of folks who agree with me!

  47. Eugene Wagner

    Are the purple color code tickets anymore good

  48. So far , Maryland State Lottery has only posted nine winners for the Scratch offs. Why? is that. Believe me RC I have enter three times that amount and still has not won nothing ooooo. so good luck to everyone

    • Rose:
      We only post winners who have been able to claim their prizes. Please be reminded that players have to present their lucky code in order to do so. We continue to reach out to those who have not claimed in hopes that they will be able to do so.

  49. I have wasted a lot of mony on the lottery and never win.
    Have maryland chenged it chances on scrashes.

    • Calolyn: The overall probability for each scratch-off game are different and are printed on the back of each scratch-off. This ‘overall probability are calculated based on the number of prizes in the game and the number of tickets printed. The number of prizes offered and total tickets printed, or ‘print-run’ varies often, as do the overall probability.

  50. I will believe that everything I put online including the coupons, the scratch off codes,the ravens codes and living lucky,go directly into the cyberspace junkyard dumpster because I never hear anything from anything I submit.alice dyson

    • Alice: Thank you for your interest in Lottery second-chance contests. The Lottery does not confirm receipt of entries. We receive, at a minimum, tens of thousands of entries for each contest. Therefore, only winners are notified by the Lottery. Please note that all entries submitted are included in the specified contest.

  51. Well guys I think I am a good example of how tricky it is to win. I have 49 entrees that started in July, 2009 or suppose to and have not won a thing. Sso good LUCK to all who may have 1 entree or more than 49.

  52. Where is the new list of names I”am looking for my name

  53. After sixtys days, what happens to the unclamied prizes ? How are the ticket selected for Lucky Livin ? Why aren’t the number published ?

    • Ladi Di: If a second-chance prize is not claimed within the claim period, the prize goes back into the unclaimed prize fund. Once you enter a Livin’ Lucky code, your entry is placed in a database. The winners are then selected using a random number generator program which randomly selects the winners from the database. The winning names are published as soon as the person claims. The Lottery does not publish the names of the winners until after they have claimed their prize.

  54. Why are the same nmes still their for the winners and their have been at least 4 drawings for the 300 dollar worth of scratch offs

    • Anthony: We only update the list when a winner has claimed. Earlier this week we had two more winners come in. We will continue to notify each winner in hopes that everyone can claim their prize.

  55. You only have sevan people that have claimed the $300 worth of LIVING LUCKY tickets so far and you have been drawing 6 winners every 2 weeks for awhile. Would it be possible for you to list the winners somewhere? I believe it would solve the issue of people questioning wether or not people are actually winning.

    • Scott: We do not announce winner information until we have contacted each winner and they have had the opportunity to present their Lucky code to claim their prize. Winners can only claim their Livin’ Lucky prize by presenting the perforated section from their ticket. Earlier this week (week of 1/4) we had two more winners come in. We will continue to contact each winner in hopes that everyone can claim their prize.


    • Lucy: We try to contact winners as soon as possible. With the $10,000 wins, they are definitely notified ASAP. With the $300 Livin’ Lucky ticket winners, it may take a few days longer.

  57. It should would be nice to see my name on the winners list on the 5th or 21st well the 21st is my Birthday and I have alot of hands that can help me scratch to the big one. THANK YOU.

  58. Why don’t you post the winning numbers?

  59. Richard Barnett

    Thank You

  60. How often is the % of sales for the Lucky Livin updated on the website ? The sales seems slow.

    • Ladi Di: We update the percentage at 2% increments. The quicker we sell through, the sooner we can award the $10,000 prizes and eventually get to the $100,000 grand prize! Also, don’t forget the “Lucky Prizes” – about every 2 weeks we draw six names to each win $300 in Livin’ Lucky tickets with the next drawing scheduled for January 21st!

  61. How long do the winner hs to claim their prize ? If the ticket is lost, do you select another winner ?

  62. Eugene Wagner

    I have been trying for two years to get a new VIPcard as mine is worn out. But everyone I talk to at 410-230-8830 ,tell me they would take of it . SO FALL .JUST LIKE PLAYING THE LOTTERY NO LUCK

    • Eugene: Over the last few months, we have been hard at work launching a lot of new media initiatives including our blog Maryland Lottery Snapshots, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Mobile.

      In addition, we have also re-launched a new and improved e-mail newsletter entitled Snapshots Wired. Snapshots Wired is replacing the VIP Club. It’s a FREE newsletter that will continue to bring you all of the great exclusive insider offers you were accustomed to, including the best-of-the-best from our daily blog, special promotional announcements, contesting opportunities, event invitations and more.

      You can access all of these initiatives through our homepage at While you are there, feel free to sign-up for Snapshots Wired using the sign-up box towards the bottom of the page.

  63. Who was the second million dollar winner of the Ravens Cash Fantasy game, and when was the prize claimed?

  64. So there are only 7 out of 30 that have claimed? This is why there should be a list so people can see if you are trying to notify them.

    • Brad: Winners are still being notified, but a large portion of the winners who have not claimed have misplaced their codes. In order to claim the prize, you need the perforated section of the Livin’ Lucky ticket. Hopefully, those that we are still contacting will come in soon!

  65. Ok so now that you have had about 5 of the second chance for $300 you still are only showing 7 confirmed winners. Where is the updated list. Just wanna be sure someone is winning even if it’s not me.

  66. I play the Livin Lucky scratch offs as well and hope to win but I think the best thing for ALL is to play responsibly. Playing daily just to win isn’t a smart thing to do because you may never win and your out of a lot of money you need for paying credit cards and other debt. I wish everyone good luck in the game as I wish it for myself but please play resonsibly. Just like it says, this is for entrainment purposes.”


  67. Hope is alive I will win soon.

  68. I play livin lucky daily and I am waiting to win to pay credit cards and other debts I am trying to make ends meet for my family I am excited I feel I will win soon. We need to encourage more people to play.

  69. how can we check to see if all our entries are received, is there any way to check our total. Thank you George

    • George:
      Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, there is no way for the public to see if entries are in. Rest assured that if you entered it correctly, it will definately be a part of all of the Livin’ Lucky drawings.

  70. My Husband & I Play this Game .. We Live Just Over The Maryland Line In P.A… Are There A Lot Of People Who Play From Out Of The State Of Maryland ? We Have 12 Entries To This Game .. Good Luck To All Who Play .. Thanks !

  71. When will we see all ao the winners that were drawn for the 300 dollar scracth offs

  72. I just want to say thank you for posting these comment since it answerd alot of questions I had. I was beginning to feel abit discouraged after posting so many entries and not getting any feed back, however that feeling changed as a result of SNAPSHOT. So I wil keep posting my entire and hope for the best. Thanks !!

  73. I won $500 dollars in the “living lucky internet drawing in July. I also entered the “Ravens promotions”. When do these second chance contests end?

    • Jaki:
      Congratulations on the Livin’ Lucky win! The unique feature of the Livin’ Lucky and RCF promotion’s are that there are frequent drawings for each. Therefore, we will be able to end the second chance component as the ticket sells out rather than setting a specific date at the time of a ticket launch. Specifically, RCF is more than 82% sold and tickets are selling fast! We will provide plenty of notice as to when the last drawings will occur, but for now, keep playing!

  74. I love reading everyone’s comments, scratch-off’s are a game of chance, like any type of gambling. If it’s your turn to win, so be it. He’ up stairs runs the game. Good Luck everyone…..

  75. can anyone come over to the lottery to see how and when it is done

    • Eugene:
      Livin’ Lucky drawings are conducted infrequently – every couple of weeks. Our daily drawings, including Pick 3, Pick 4, and Bonus Match 5 take place daily. If you are interested in viewing one of those drawings, please submit a formal request with the Lottery.

  76. Just a thought since so many people are confursed about who’s winning why not just post the $300 winners online and then they can contact you for verification. Do you pick an alternate winner if someone can’t produce the ticket stub? I think it would be so easy to post winners and let them contact you folks. Maybe I need to apply for a consulting position with the lottery!

    • Brad: For the Livin’ Lucky promotion, we do not pick alternate winners. As for posting winners names, our internal procedures state that we must contact them via telephone and/or mail.


    I play Livin Lucky every day / I am still waiting on the big one… Haven’t seen many Montgomery County winners/ Are the random drawings from weekly entries or ALL entries??

    • Sonya:
      The random Livin’ Lucky drawings are conducted using all entries that have been submitted since the launch of the ticket on May 18th. Once you enter an entry, it remains in the pool and is included in every drawing unless selected as a winner. Also, please note that a Lucky Prize winner was selected from Silver Spring, which is located in Montgomery County.

  78. just wondering if our tickets entered are good til end of promotion? I have been saving them and we never won yet..

    • Trudy:
      The random Livin’ Lucky drawings are conducted using all entries that have been submitted since the launch of the ticket on May 18th. Once you enter an entry, it remains in the pool and is included in every drawing unless it is selected as a winner.

  79. I been playing livin lucky for along time now. I put out more money then win. I need to sign up for scratch anonymous. Everyone call me lucky lady, but I haven’t felt lucky, just broke. I just want to know how I can check seen I change my number. Thanks you.

    • Darcel:
      If we are unable to contact you through the telephone number provided, we will send you an email if an email address was provided. If not, we will send you a letter to the address submitted.

  80. Nobody buys as many livin lucky as I do. I need go to scratch anonymous. I have so many second changes I put in. I want to know how I can check to see if I won, seen I change my telephone number. I still have my tickets, Everyone calls me lucky lady when I buy scratch off .tBut I do not feel lucky, I feel broke.

    • ya’ i have sent alot of second chances in too.
      but remember people they say it’s all random.
      remember their like the goverment always taking and giving nothing in return.
      they spar no mercy.i have proof from their retailers.

  81. Denise Richardson

    If md lottery will contact you by phone, what comes up on the caller ID box. I have been waiting to win since forever. I get no response not even via e-mail.

  82. Cecelia Guitroz

    I have been playing the MD Lottery forever and I have really been involved in the Livin Lucky game. I’m really excited about winning, because I purchase this scratch off everyday. I’m hoping to win to pay off my bills and take my family on a much needed vacation. Thank you this is a wonderful second chance game.

  83. Sooo… Who Won The $ 300.00 Dollor Scratch Offs To Livin Lucky That Go Off Every 2 Weeks ? How Come There Names Are,nt Posted ?

    • Lucy: The winners of the $300.00 Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs that have been claimed are mentioned above.

      • How do you know if you won? I won something once and didn’t even know it and finally I got something in the mail telling me to call because they were trying to send my prize. Are the codes posted somewhere?

  84. I have been playing the Livin Lucky second chance contest since day one. I have about a hundred entries and can’t seem to win a thing, not even a scratch off. I keep hoping that sooner or later I will see my name on the winners list.

  85. why was it that no one was at race track MARYLAND DAY in SEPT.

  86. So how are the winners being contacted?

  87. Morena Lyde Lancaster

    I have playing the second chance contest since forever and have never won anything. What happen to the Mega Jackpot 2nd chance contest I never heard about the drawing or a winner. I am waiting for the ultimate payday ( hopefully its mine) as well as livin lucky and diamond rewards. I spend more on buying stamps to mail in the tickets. Entering the code on the computer for livin lucky saves me a little bit of money. Just trying to be the Maryland Lottery next big winner. One more thing my address and phone number has change from the number and address on some of my ultimate payday second chance tickets that I mailed in. How do I submitt my new info.

    • Morena: The Mega Bucks Jackpot drawing took place in June and a man from Montgomery County won. The other contests you mentioned are still ongoing. We should have a date for the Ultimate Payday drawing shortly. Please email us your new information and we will make a note of it prior to the drawing. Thanks for participating in our 2nd Chance Contests. Good luck!

  88. I really wish you would post the winners of the $300 worth of scratch offs somewhere so that we can check to see if we win. The onbly winners I know of are the 6 names you have above but what about the other 2 drawings who won those or did anyone win?

    • This is a compilation of all three drawings and we will continue to update this list as drawings occur.

      We do not announce winner information until we have contacted each winner and they have had the opportunity to present their Lucky code to claim their prize.

      Winners can only claim their Livin’ Lucky prize by presenting the perforated section from their ticket.

  89. I have been playing maryland lottery since age of 18 and now i am 30 still hoping to hit big so i can stop struggling to make ends meet for me and my 6 children

  90. My husband and I have been buying Livin’Lucky tickets since day one and we keep hoping that we’ll win so we can take a trip to see the Shroud of Turin when it comes on display this April.