For Lottery Players, Pick 3 is #1

Triple 1’s Break the Bank

Thanks to today’s Midday Lottery drawing thousands of Pick 3 players will be smiling a little wider this winter weekend, their pockets stuffed with cash.  Thanks to that same drawing, an office full of Lottery accountants will be very busy.  This is what happens when triple numbers are drawn.

To say that the 1-1-1 drawn during the Midday Pick 3 drawing broke the bank is a bit of an understatement.  Those accountants were happy when the records showed that more than $340,000 was wagered on today’s drawing but their smiles faded when the Pick 3 results generated a $1.6 million payout – an astounding 473% of sales.  According to Lottery officials, big payouts are common when triples are drawn.  This day’s payout, however, will be one to remember for players.

The Maryland Lottery’s Pick 3 drawings are held twice daily — midday and evening, seven-days-a-week and are televised every day on WBAL-TV.

One response to “For Lottery Players, Pick 3 is #1

  1. My husband just played pick three and won $5 dollars so we turned around and bought $5 dollars worth of mega millions since the jackpot is so high.