Pasadena Couple Hits a Mega Win

Winners Split $250,000

A lucky couple from Pasadena, MD enjoys a Mega Millions win just in time for the holidays.  A simple lunch run during the day, made the lovebirds a thousands dollar winner over the weekend.

The lucky guy decided to purchase a Mega Millions ticket while he was out getting lunch.  “I always play when the jackpot grows to a large amount,” he said.  When he returned home, he gave his girlfriend the ticket to check the numbers.  It wasn’t until the following day that she checked the ticket online at the website.  She then began to highlight all the winning numbers that matched the winning numbers online. It wasn’t until she checked the very last line on the ticket when she noticed that she had all the numbers but one.  She began to get very excited to a point where she needed her boyfriend to assure what her eyes were seeing.  He confirmed it with a big smile on his face as he began to pick up the phone to call his family to spread the great news.

The fortunate man works for the Maryland Department of Transportation as a dispatcher and the lucky lady works as a medical receptionist at a doctor’s office.  They plan to use some money towards a house and save the rest for retirement.

The winning ticket was purchased at Bamboo Bernie’s located at 8359 Baltimore & Annapolis Road.

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