Mums the Word for Instant Keno Scratch-off Winner

$25,000 Win Kept Secret

Thirty-nine-year-old, Mary Rosber is good at keeping secrets. She won $25,000 playing the Instant Keno scratch-off and kept the win hidden for a whole week.

It is a ritual for Mary’s boyfriend, Andre, to pick up Lottery tickets on Fridays, come home and put them on the dresser for Mary. It was no different on December 4th, except this time, a big winner was among them.

“When I saw the winning ticket, I thought, ‘this can’t be right’,” she said. “Nothing like this ever happens to us.” Instead of spreading the good news right away, the Coast Guard Credit Union employee hid the ticket in her closet and did not tell a soul for almost a week.

“I was in shock,” said Andre, when Mary finally showed him the ticket a week later.  “We kept checking the ticket over and over.” They said the win did not feel real until they verified it at the store where they bought it. That was this past Saturday and the couple said they were nervous wrecks until claiming the ticket’s prize today at Lottery Headquarters.

Mary and Andre said it is going to be a huge load off their shoulders to be able to pay off some bills. They also said a cruise may be in the future for them and their two kids. “And, Christmas will be decent this year,” Andre said with a big smile.

The winning ticket was purchased at Middlesex Liquors located at 1334 Eastern Blvd. in Baltimore.

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