Breakfast With a Bonus in Montgomery County

$1 Million Scratch Win on the Way to Work

A Rockville man visited a neighborhood grocery store to pick-up breakfast for his co-workers and wound up becoming Maryland’s newest millionaire. A stop for croissants led to the purchase of an Extreme Cash Blast scratch-off, a decision that would change the lives of the winner and his family.

While food for his friends was a purchase he planned to make, the Lottery ticket was a last-minute addition to his shopping. “I wasn’t going to get a ticket but changed my mind as I was leaving. I scratched it and was just amazed, my hands started to shake,” he told officials.

He called his wife with the news and she suggested that he bring the ticket home for safe keeping. “I decided to continue on to work and try to not let my excitement show. It turns out that I didn’t do too well,” he admitted. Several coworkers asked the big winner what was wrong, why he seemed so nervous. He somehow got through the day without divulging his secret.

When he got home, he and his wife shared the story with their daughter and much yelling, screaming and hugging ensued. Her college tuition, several family bills and maybe a vacation will soon be taken care of, thanks to the win.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Bloom Grocery, 845 Rockville Pike. Extreme Cash Blast still has two remaining $1 million top prizes remaining.

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