Gold Bar Bonus [VIDEO]

Gold Bar Bonus launches today, Monday, December 14.

5 responses to “Gold Bar Bonus [VIDEO]

  1. RandolphPinkney

    I hope someday i can hit a lottery

  2. I don’t know if it’s cause they get their’s distributed first or what but it definately seems that way. All from around that area. I’m gonna keep playing though cause I think one day I’m gonna win a big one!!

  3. You know what I’ve noticed? I play tons and tons of scratch off’s, with the biggest one being 500. Yes that’s alot, but I have bought whole rolls…about 6 at the cost of 3oo and have never even gotten my money back on either roll…yes I am addicted. Maybe one day it will pay off! But I notice that there are never any big winners from the salisbury area. It’s a pretty big area not far from Bmore but seems like mostly all the big winners are from up that way…what gives?

    • The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Therefore, areas in Maryland with higher populations will more likely produce more winners than lower populated areas. Thanks again for your inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our players.

    • Yes I have notice that all the big winning tickets are in the bmore area which is not fair because there are plenty of faithful lottery players in pg county and other parts of MD who play every single day. I hope the MD lottery see that players are starting to notice that they are bias toward the bmore area.