Are you Livin’ Lucky?

The Livin’ Lucky internet promotion is going strong, with more and more players entering their lucky codes online.  It’s simple to enter!  First, purchase a Livin’ Lucky scratch-off at a local Maryland Lottery retailer.  Next, scratch the Lucky Code in the lower right-hand corner.  Finally, enter the code at!

Once entered, you will be eligible to win a variety of prizes and your code remains entered for the rest of the promotion.  Every two weeks, six winners are selected to receive $300 Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs each!  And, every time an additional 10% of the Livin’ Lucky scratch-off is sold, a drawing will be held for one winner to receive $10,000. At the end of the promotion (after the final claim date has been announced for the scratch-off) a grand prize of $100,000 will be given to one winner.

Congratulations to our recent winners, including the following players who received $300 worth of Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs:  Daniel Barner from Indian Head, Godfrey Apugo from Randallstown, Dale Hare from Frederick, Vickie Davis from Columbia, and more!  Check out pictures of winners at

Remember, you MUST keep the perforated section which contains the lucky code.  If chosen as a winner, you will need to present that in order to claim your prize.  Start Livin’ Lucky today and Let Yourself Play!

5 responses to “Are you Livin’ Lucky?

  1. richard mcclary

    can’t get to page to putin codes

  2. I play much too much with all of the scratch offs, and lose much more than i win, always thinking & hoping this is it, the big one. A few weeks ago i took my last $10 and bought another Livin Lucky scratch off and won $500. Its the best win i have seen in almost 2 years; when I won $1000 on a $5 scratch off. Sometimes I think I need to call that phone # on the back of the ticket for a GA Meeting. But for now, i continue to be hopeful.

  3. My Husband & I Get $20.00 Worth Of Scratch Offs A day … We,ve Never Even Won Our Money Back . We Have 10 Enteries To Livin Lucky.. Never Got Anything Out Of That .. We Live In WhiteFord / Cardiff Maryland Area ..We,re Gonna Lay Low On Playing For A While ..

  4. Tanika Houston

    I notice that the Livin Lucky scratch-offs has the almost the same amount of prizes left as the new scratch-off King Size Cash and Livin Lucky has been out for a while. I myself has brought over 10 Livin Lucky scratch-offs and hasn’t won not once off of this scratch-off neitjer has anyone that I know.