“Lucky Feeling” Brings $50,000 to Gaithersburg Man

Taxes-Paid Scratch-off Win for Highway Worker

Tony Baker was heading home earlier this week when a familiar feeling overtook him.  He’d experienced it before and had found that – especially when Lottery tickets were involved – obeying the feeling usually paid off.  On Monday night, Tony’s lucky feeling came through for him again. This time,  it was to the tune of a $50,000 taxes-paid win on the Stacks of Cash scratch-off.

After returning home from his neighborhood Lottery retailer, Tony sat down to play his Stacks of Cash instant game.  He saw that he’d matched a number, which he expected – you know, the lucky feeling.  However, he was not expecting to see the dollar amount he found connected to that matching number when he continued scratching.  Could that be $50,000?  He suddenly couldn’t breathe and his heart started to pound.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he told officials, “I had to get my wife to check it before I really believed.”  Just to be sure, Tony and his wife asked their daughter to confirm the win.  She took a look at the ticket and said, “Can I have a new laptop?”

Tony plans to save his winnings after taking care of some bills that need attention.  He found his lucky Stacks of Cash scratch-off ticket at Muddy Branch Beer & Wine, 836 Muddy Branch Rd in Gaithersburg.

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