Pick 3 Let It Snow [VIDEO]

It’s snowing in Maryland Lottery retailers across the state.  Play Pick 3 Let It Snow now through January 3rd.  All Pick 3 players have a chance to win $5, $10, $25 or $50 instantly when playing $1 or more.  Just look for the snowflakes at the top of the voucher receipt.

Snowflakes Instant Win
* $5
** $10
*** $25
**** $50

With over $2,000,000 in prizes, you never know when it’s going to snow in a retailer near you.  Plus, you can still win Pick 3 if your numbers hit.  Never played Pick 3? Learn how to play here.  A $1.00 bet can win up to $500.  Best of all, you can play Pick 3 twice a day, seven days a week!

34 responses to “Pick 3 Let It Snow [VIDEO]

  1. Is there a place I can go to find out how much one would win if their 3 or 4 digit number came out str or box?

  2. Who where the September 2009 Deal or no Deal second chance winners? I heard no more about it once the deadline passed.

    • Chon: Each of the following seven winners won $500 and were MD finalists that had a chance to be selected for the final, multi-state drawing. The multi-state drawing resulted in none of the Maryland winners selected in the prize finale.

      Mike Snukis of Glen Burnie
      James Sharp of Baltimore
      Deborah Speight of Hyattsville
      Melissa Stone of Baltimore
      Lou Silvestri of Baltimore
      Marius Fred Asch Jr. of Baltimore
      Mike Teske of Bowie

  3. Who won the second Ravens 1 million dollar Cash Fantasy prize, and where was the ticket purchased?

    • Chon: The second $1 million top prize winner from Ravens Cash Fantasy chose to remain anonymous. The ticket was purchased at Harbour Liquors, 8140 Ft. Smallwood Rd. in Baltimore.

  4. There should be a method as to how one can check to see if the scratch off ticket they purchased is a winner like a scanner used to check the terminal lottery tickets.

  5. Hi I played pick3 & 4 on 010110 at 630 pm but do not see the winning #s posted for that day. HowcN i FIND OUT THE #S FOR jAN 01 2010

    • Martha:
      We are working on updating the drawings since the turn of the new year. Please check back to our homepage and click on the PAST WINNING NUMBERS link for the information you are looking for.

  6. I play the lottery faithfully midday and evening and i received a voucher from the let is snow on Dec 27 in Prince frederick,MD at the Exxon and the Voucher printed out but when we try to scan it the voucher said drawing hasn’t occurred…The voucher stated Congratulations…I don’t understand that….

    • Reese:
      It sounds as if you are trying to scan the voucher using our self ticket checker. Since the voucher is already a “win”, you have to give it to the retailer to either cash or play more lottery games. If we are misunderstanding you inquiry, please write back and we will attempt to clarify.

  7. Excuse me for writing Off-Topic but which WordPress theme do you use? It’s looking cool.

    • erexCaubyCard: The theme we are using is Cutline by Chris Pearson. We are currently strictly using the widget provided with no custom CSS. Stay tuned as we continue to evolve the platform.

  8. I am a lon , long time lottery player and I found the comments in this section interesting and in some instances, funny! Especially, the person who’s Pick-4 number has not been out in 7-yrs. Sounds like my husband’s number. lol lol lol Not to worry though, one just has to keep the faith! Remeber, “You have to Play if you want to win” regardless of how long it takes before your number is up! Also, keep in mind that YOU don’t hit the number, the NUMBER hits you. It’s all a matter of playing at the right place at the right time!

  9. The lottery is all about money. I’ve played the same 4 digit evening number and it hasn’t come out in 7 years. I even wrote them and asked why. How can one number never come out straight in all those years? Apparently it’s a hot number and they don’t want the players to win because it would cost them to much money. It’s my grandmother’s number and it hasn’t come out since she passed 7 years ago and I’ve been playing it every night since then and never won. It’s all a gimmick but, I still play in hopes to win. Be careful of the lottery vendors I seen on Dateline how people ask them to check the scratch offs and when they do they tell them it’s not a winner and sometimes it is and when it is they say it’s not and keep the money themselves.

    • bjenkins:
      Every Lottery drawing is random, therefore the odds of your Pick 4 number coming up are the same as any other number. The Lottery has nearly 300,000 winners per day. If interested, please take a look at the press releases posted at mdlottery.com.

      To answer your second question, with nearly 4,000 retailers across the state and numerous employees in each of those locations, we recognize there is potential for retailer theft. The Maryland Lottery actively works to encourage and promote integrity in all of its practices.

      To be sure that players are being treated fairly requires both the attention and vigilance of both the State Lottery agency and its players. By enforcing requirements, implementing several helpful tools and promoting player awareness we can prevent potential theft:

      Lottery steps:

      Lottery machine displays:
      Lottery ticket machines are designed to display messages to both players and retail clerks. Messages revealed on the screen following a transaction are evident to both parties.

      Quick check readers:
      These devices allow players to check their tickets themselves and will display a message if you are scanning a winning ticket.

      Lottery Security officials conduct undercover visits to Lottery retailers if there is reason to believe unfair practices are underway.

      Player tips:

      Report it. If you believe unfair practices are occurring at a retail location. Report the incident to the Lottery.

      Be sure to get receipt. Players can receive a receipt from the terminal station stating the dollar amount of their winnings.

      Sign the back of their tickets immediately (Tickets are bearer instruments and belong to whomever is holding them.)

      Review just-purchased tickets for accuracy before leaving the counter.

  10. I won 2 pick three tickets yesterday playing scratch offs and I never received a voucher. Should I of received vouchers?

    • Tracy: It sounds like you were playing our Instant Pick 3 scratch-off, where players can instantly win Pick 3 tickets. You can redeem your scratch-off for a Pick 3 ticket; however, this will not generate a voucher because Instant Pick 3 and its prizes are not associated with the Pick 3 Let It Snow promotion.

  11. I brought a 2.00 QP let it snow pick 3, will i receive a voucher or what. my ticket don’t have nothing on it.

    • Richelle: Not all Pick 3 purchases are winners. The Let It Snow vouchers are being printed on a random basis throughout our network of over 4,000 retailers across the state.

  12. I just purchased a pick 3 ticket and out came an instant $10.00 let it snow ticket and the rep told me that it was not mine, then the other rep told her to void it out, so I think I just got stiffed at Gold’s Check Cashing lottery place on 22nd street in Baltimore.

  13. Hey, I played pick 3 on Dec 13th midday and won surprisingly a $5 voucher…I was more surprise and happy than anything because I only played $5 worth of tics…and didnt know bout the promotion….this was at my favorite gas station in Rosedale ….so they’re for real.

  14. Martha Saunders

    hi i played pick 3 on dec.10 for evenibg andi playedfor dec 11 mid day what are the winning numbers

  15. i spent 5 dollars on my pick 3 and recieved a 5 dollar coupon so the tickets are coming out its just getting it the right time you do know when u recieve a coupon it will tell you on the pick 3 that you won

  16. are you sure about this let it snow promotion ,I have played pick 3 since promotion started and have not received a voucher yet I have played midday and evening and have spent over 150.00 you would think I would have received at least one, and also I asked clerk at store if anyone had received any she told me she didn’t even know about the promotion.

    • Let It Snow vouchers are being printed on a random basis throughout our network of more than 4,000 retailers across the state. Every Pick 3 transaction has a chance of triggering a ‘Snowflake’ at any of our retail locations. To date, over 80,000 vouchers have already been printed, adding up to more than $575,000 in prizes.

  17. The Lottery terminal plays a fanfare sound when a voucher from one of our promotions is printed. When you hear this sound during your purchase, you may be receiving a promotional voucher with your purchase. This sound can be misleading, as it is also used when cashing winning tickets and with other game promotions.

    Always double check your tickets after purchase. This is the best way to be sure you receive the correct tickets and all promotional vouchers with your purchase.

    When a voucher from this promotion is printed, there will also be a message on your Pick 3 ticket that reads, “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE RECEIVED A COUPON THAT WILL WIN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING PRIZES INSTANTLY $5, $10, $25 OR $50.”

    Also, we decided to separate the tickets because it allows customers to instantly cash-in their prize for cash or make additional Lottery purchases. 😉 If you are a Let It Snow winner, you can take your original Pick 3 purchase home with your cash or additional Lottery games!

    If you receive a ticket with this message, but also do not receive a voucher, you should contact the Lottery immediately at 410-230-8800, so that the security division can begin investigating the transaction.

  18. Eugene Wagner

    I agree with the above statement . I see th3e statement, but NO ansewers

  19. I see there is going to be a problem with the let it snow instant win voucher receipt. We who play the lottery have to hope that the lottery operator is honest to the point that he or she will give us patrons that voucher receipt. The reason I am stating this is because they see the voucher slip being printed and coming out of the lottery terminal before us patrons do. So they can easily tell the patrons that the ticket was a mastake ticket or no voucher winning ticket came up or was printed. THE MARYLAND LOTTERY NEEDS TO NOT USE THE VOUCHER RECEIPT SLIP , AND PUT THE LET IT SNOW, SNOW FLAKES DIRECTLY

  20. wondering does the lottery machine make a noise when these promotion tickets come out,because the ticket agents are saying they are making a lot of mistake and keeping the tickets because i can’t see them until they give them to me, i have bought about 100.00 in pick 3’s in last week and haven’t received a single instant win

  21. can i box the numbers 50 -50 to win or do it have to be 100 -100