Ringing in the Dough with Silver Bell Bucks

Silver Bell BucksA Baltimore man is $50,000 richer today after playing the Silver Bell Bucks scratch-off on Friday. He is no stranger to scratch-offs and prefers brand new tickets to the ones that have been in the stores for awhile.

“I always ask to see which tickets are the new ones,” said the 52-year-old bakery employee. “I believe the newer tickets are likely to have more winnings, that’s why I play them.”

The winner bought numerous scratch-offs that day and took them all home to scratch.  He said he was a ball of nerves when he revealed the win on the Silver Bell Bucks ticket and only told his wife and best friend of his good fortune. His wife believed him right away. “He has never lied before, so why would he now,” she said smiling.

The lucky player immediately hid his ticket in a suitcase and tried to take it easy over the weekend until he could claim his prize today.

The father-of-five said he is going to share his winnings with his children and will surprise someone with a car, although he did not say who. He added that he will try to invest the rest of the money.

The winning ticket was purchased at the 7-11 located at 6401 Golden Ring Rd. in Baltimore.

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