Father and Son Continue Keno Winning Streak

KENOA 25-year-old followed in his father’s footsteps the day before Thanksgiving when he won $80,000 playing Keno. No stranger to Lottery headquarters, his dad has been a Keno winner on numerous occasions.

On the day of the most recent big win, the twosome enjoyed their routine of bonding and playing a few games of Keno. The son chose six random numbers off the top of his head and played the Super Bonus.  As he watched his numbers pop up on the screen, he knew instantly that he was a winner. Upon realizing that he was $80,000 richer due to the Super Bonus, his reaction was nonchalant. “I’m used to my dad winning all the time,” said the Bowie resident.

A graduate of Bladensburg High School, the winner enjoys playing basketball and travels overseas for games.  He also enjoys working out with his father at the gym and playing Keno and Mega Millions.  He plans to save his winnings and invest in real estate.

The winning ticket was purchased at Laurel Park Liquors at 13600 Baltimore Ave. in Laurel.

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