Timely Win for St. Mary’s County Woman

Wins $100,000 Playing Blazin’ Hot Bucks Scratch-Off

Kimberly Green - Blazin' Hot BucksKimberly Green of Leonardtown awoke yesterday not sure of what the immediate future held in store for her.  You see she was laid-off from her retail job recently and has so far had no luck getting a new job.  That uncertainty has been allayed a bit, however, after a stop at her neighborhood gas station and the purchase of a lottery scratch-off.

“I’d planned to get just one,” she informed officials.  Her ticket of choice is Blazin’ Hot Bucks, a game she’s played before and has enjoyed.  “But when I saw there were only two left in the store I decided to get both.”  This turned out to be a very good decision.

Kim took the tickets home to scratch and quickly realized that she had a winner, a $10,000 winner.  She started yelling and, as her family came running and she kept scratching, the volume and the winnings increased.  “I saw a second $10,000 and then a third,” she told lottery officials.  “By the time I got to $100,000 I was out of breath.”

The once-hazy future is looking noticeably brighter Kim reports – fewer immediate worries and many more options.  Her job search will be made easier, also.  “I’m now in the market for a brand new car.”

Kim and her lucky Blazin’ Hot Bucks scratch-off met at the Leonardtown Sunoco, 25965 Point Lookout Road in Leonardtown.

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