$10,000 in the Cards for Baltimore Woman

Wins Top Prize on One-Eyed Jacks Scratch-off

Peggy McKinney - one-eyed jacksPeggy McKinney and her sister, Theresa Dorsey, wanted to take a trip to Delaware Park, but being a bit short on cash, instead they took a trip to their local Lottery retailer. That shortfall turned into a windfall when Peggy purchased a winning One-Eyed Jacks scratch-off.

Peggy bought four scratch-off tickets and took them home to play. She and her sister were sitting in the dining room as she revealed her win. “I saw that I got the King and knew that I had a winner,” said Peggy. She was, however, startled to see just how much she’d won. “I saw one zero, than I saw another, then I threw the ticket at my sister and told her to finish.”

The excited twosome took the ticket back to the Lottery retailer to confirm their good fortune. When they found that the ticket was worth $10,000, Peggy maintained her composure, but Theresa couldn’t contain her excitement. “She got to hopping and said do you know how much you won?” said Peggy.  “Then she skipped all the way home.”

The 64-year-old mother-of-three winner said that she will use her winnings to pay off bills. The winning ticket was purchased at North Ave. BP, located at 1101 West North Ave. in Baltimore.

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