Gaithersburg Man Gallops Away with $31,454 Racetrax Win

Racetrax LogoThe Gaithersburg man placed a $6 trifecta bet with the numbers 10, 11 and 12 and when his horses crossed the finish line he was over $30,000 richer. A big fan of Lottery games, the retired high school teacher often plays Keno and has gained an affection for Racetrax in just the last couple of months.

The 62-year-old stopped into the local Fingers and Claws Sports Bar & Grill last Friday, sat down at the bar, placed his bet and minutes later the bartender said, “Your numbers came up.” “I wasn’t paying attention,” said the winner. “But, when I saw the numbers, I knew right away what my win was.”

When asked about his reaction, the calm and collected man replied, “I was kind of stunned to tell you the truth. I just said, ‘wow.’”  Many of the other patrons offered congratulations and the winner said he may go back and buy a round of drinks for the house.  The lucky player intends to invest his winnings and will continue to play.

The winning Racetrax bet was placed at Fingers & Claws Restaurant Bar & Grill, located at 802 Muddy Branch Rd. in Gaithersburg.

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