A Real Bonus For Bonus Match 5 Winner

Baltimore County Man Wins $150,000

Bonus Match 5Three years of playing Bonus Match 5 every Tuesday and Friday, really paid off for a Baltimore County resident.  He won three times on Tuesday night’s drawing playing birth dates of family members, 13, 26, 01, 18, 02 and the Bonus number 34, to bring his big win to $150,000.

The 64-year-old didn’t check his plays for Tuesday’s drawing until returning to the store to buy his Bonus Match 5 tickets for Friday. “I asked the clerk to scan Tuesday’s ticket and he told me we don’t have that kind of money in the store,” said the winner. “I was so surprised, I wasn’t sure I’d make it back to my car.”

Although he knew he’d won a significant amount, the Baltimore County Revenue Authority employee still didn’t know the exact figure, so when he got home he called Lottery Headquarters.

“The first thing they asked me was if I had signed my ticket,” he said. “They asked me that three times.” After assuring the Lottery official that he would sign his ticket he then asked, “How much did I win?”  “$150,000,” was the reply. In complete disbelief, the winner quickly signed his ticket, made a copy and then phoned his brother with the good news.

Soon to celebrate his 37th wedding anniversary, the winner’s wife, who accompanied him to Lottery Headquarters, said,  “I guess you’re going to take me out to dinner.”  He laughed and responded, “I’m going to take her to Burger King.” In addition to dinner, the man intends to pay the mortgage off, pay bills and enjoy the rest of his winnings.”

The winning ticket was purchased at the 7-11, located at 8601 Honeygo Blvd. in Baltimore County.

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