Another Ravens Cash Fantasy Instant Millionaire

One More $1 Million Ticket Still in Stores

Ravens Cash FantasyA recently retired home improvement specialist from Baltimore visited the Lottery’s claim center today bearing a Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off ticket worth $1 million.  The winner, as you’d imagine, was very happy, but also very tired.  It turns out that he hadn’t slept much this past weekend.

“I bought my Ravens ticket on Friday and scratched it in my car,” he explained to officials.  “I knew right away how much I’d won but I still sat in my car for almost an hour trying to calm myself down.”

After a quick call to his daughter to share the good news, a visit to his safe deposit box at the bank relieved him of the anxiety of holding the $1 million ticket for the weekend.  It apparently didn’t relax him enough, though.  “I got no sleep at all on Friday night and not much more Saturday or Sunday.”

According to Lottery Director Buddy Roogow, today’s winner is the second of three to claim the popular game’s top prize.  “Two down, one to go.  We look forward to meeting the next Ravens Cash Fantasy millionaire.”

The $1 million ticket was purchased from Harbour Liquors, 8140 Ft. Smallwood Rd. in Baltimore.

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