Crying Tears of Joy with Mega Win

Morningside Retirees Win $250K with Mega Millions

Joe and Pat - Mega Millions“It brought tears to my eyes,” said Patricia Skelly. She and fellow retiree Joseph Watts were eating breakfast when she discovered they had won $250,000 playing Mega Millions. “I said ‘Joe, I think we won $250,000.’”

“I was half through a ham and cheese omelet when she told me. I ran upstairs to double and triple check. Funny thing – I wasn’t hungry anymore,” said Joseph. He has never won any major prize playing Mega Millions. “I’ve played in a Lottery pool at work for years and the most we’ve won is $17,” he said. Joseph came out of retirement and works running a printing press, a trade he has practiced since age 16.

The couple says they have many uses for their prize winnings, but that they will be using a portion to get X-rays for their 8-year-old German Shepard dog, Abner. The pooch got his name from the veterinarians who thought the abnormally formed dog might not survive. The couple taught Abner to walk and the dog’s health continued to improve thanks to special care.

The winning ticket was purchased at Allentown Liquors on Allentown Rd in Prince Georges County.

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