A Money Surplus for Baltimore Man

Wins $50,000 Top Prize on Money Surplus Scratch-Off Ticket

Money SurplusA hard-working, 28-year-old Baltimore man with two infant children can breathe a bit easier after winning $50,000 playing the Money Surplus scratch-off ticket. The fast food industry employee works during the day and goes to school at night. And, in the meantime, tries to make ends meet. He is happy to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The fortunate player was on his way to pick up his three-month and 16-month old daughters when he stopped to purchase three Money Surplus scratch-off tickets. The first two were not winners, but when he started to reveal a bunch of zeroes on the third ticket, he could not believe his eyes. “I had to re-read the instructions to make sure I was not making a mistake,” he said calmly. He immediately called his fiancé with the good news. “I didn’t tell her that I won, I just told her that our money problems will be now be better,” said the player.

The winner hid the ticket under his mattress until he was able to claim the ticket at Lottery Headquarters. The humble player said he is not going to splurge like many people do when they win big. “I plan to purchase a scooter to get me back and forth to work and I will invest the rest,” he said.

The winning ticket was purchased at Belmont Liquors, located at 2908 Belmont Ave. in Baltimore City.

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