Hair Stylist Works Miracles In and Out of the Salon

Prince George’s County Woman Wins Playing 5 Times the Money

5 Times the MoneyShe’s produced masterpiece after masterpiece for her customers at the salon over the years, but a 69-year-old Clinton beautician saved her best effort for herself.  Blonnie Jones is the Lottery’s latest big winner after claiming a $30,000 prize won playing the 5 Times the Money instant game.

“I stopped by my local gas station to check the afternoon Lottery numbers and the clerk convinced me to try a scratch-off,” Blonnie told officials.  She left to play her tickets in the car but returned quickly, not quite believing her eyes.  The clerk took one look at the ticket, advised her to sign it and sent her to Lottery Headquarters.

Some of her winnings will be invested, Blonnie confided, and some will help with travel plans she and her husband have made recently.  The couple, married for 50 years, will spend time soon in North Carolina and Florida visiting friends.

The winning scratch-off ticket was purchased at the Clinton Citgo on Piscataway Road in Clinton.

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