Oxon Hill Woman Rescues $40,000 Big 8 Bingo Win from Trash

Belinda Owens - Big 8 BingoBelinda Owens from Oxon Hill and her family are celebrating her top prize Big 8 Bingo scratch-off win. But, that $40,000 nearly ended up in the garbage.

Belinda went into the Eastover Liquors store with her younger brother to cash her check from work.  While waiting in line, she gave him $3 to purchase a scratch-off ticket. Her brother randomly picked the Big 8 Bingo and proceeded to scratch it. Thinking that it was a non-winning ticket, he began to throw it away.

Belinda stopped him, wanting to give it a second look. When she looked at it closely she thought that she won $1,000.  She then gave the ticket to the cashier who told her that she had to go to lottery headquarters because it was worth $40,000.

Upon learning of their good fortune, her brother began to dance in the street. In fact, he was so excited that he danced all the way home. Belinda remained calm as she called her father to spread the great news.

The 36-year-old security officer and mother-of-two intends to use her winnings to buy a Cadillac and go on a shopping spree.

The winning ticket was purchased at Eastover Liquors, located at 4909 Indian Head Hwy. in Oxon Hill.

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