Baltimore Housekeeper Cleans Up

Wins $100,000 Top Prize on Diamonds & 7’s Scratch-Off

Diamonds & 7'sA trip to pay her car insurance ended up very profitably for a Baltimore housekeeper. Since the 67-year-old woman was out running an errand, she decided to stop by the local 7-ll to purchase Lottery scratch-offs. “I love them,” she said. “It’s so exciting to just scratch it off.”

The happy winner purchased two $10 Diamonds & 7’s tickets and proceeded to scratch the first one in the store. “I saw $10,000 and just felt weak,” said the mother-of-one. “I had to leave the store and finish scratching the ticket in my car.”

When she resumed scratching, the ticket continued to reveal higher and higher winnings. The woman was so nervous that she called her brother to come and get her and then lay down in her car. “I really couldn’t believe it. I must have looked at that ticket 17 times,” she said. The avid scratch-off player said that since her big win she will now switch to different Lottery games. “I’ll play Pick 3 and Pick 4 and other ones, but no more scratch-offs.”

The woman intends to use her winnings to pay off her car. “I have to think about what else I’m going to do,” she added with a smile.

The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11 #23698, located at 6401 Reisterstown Rd. in Baltimore.

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