Dentist Visit Pays-off for Frederick County Man

$50,000 Scratch-off Win

Green & GoldA software development manager from Myersville visited the Lottery’s claim center today with a Green and Gold instant ticket worth $50,000.  He has a dentist to thank for his good fortune.

He told officials that he left the office a bit early yesterday to get to his dentist for a check-up.  “I realized that I was early and was wondering how I could kill some time when I saw a 7-11 right in front of me.”  The lucky winner picked up a couple of tickets and set them aside until he reached his destination.

He scratched the tickets in the parking garage at the dentist’s office and, at first glance, his Green and Gold scratch-off seemed to show a $50,000 win.  The Frederick County man refused to believe it until he read the game rules a few times.  He immediately called his wife.  “I couldn’t get a good signal in the garage so she only heard half of what I said.  She could tell I was excited but figured I’d been in an accident.”  A second call from inside the dentist’s office was more successful and husband and wife celebrated their good luck.

The winning ticket was purchased at the 7-11, located at 10524 Connecticut Ave. in Kensington.

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