Baltimore Man Claims $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

Jackpot for Friday Climbs to $207 Million

Robert SantaMaria - Mega MillionsA Baltimore machinist visited Lottery Headquarters today to claim a $250,000 Mega Millions prize he won earlier this week.  Robert SantaMaria owes a good friend a favor for reminding him to check his tickets.

“The big jackpot caught my attention so I picked-up a few tickets,” the lucky winner told Lottery officials.  He might have forgotten about them except for a friend who called to pass along the news that their favorite pub, where he’d bought his tickets, had sold a big winner.  “I eventually checked my tickets when I got home but I was in no hurry, I knew there was no way I’d won.”

Robert remained calm when he looked up Tuesday’s winning Mega Millions numbers and realized just how much the ticket he was holding in his hand was worth.  He put it in his pocket and called work to say that he wouldn’t be in the next day. He then made plans to visit the Lottery claim center first thing this morning.

The life-long Baltimore resident has some ideas for his winnings, which include a new car and investments.  As he was leaving the Lottery offices with his large souvenier check in hand, he advised officials to keep this Friday’s $207 million jackpot ready for him as he plans to stop by again.

The winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased at Fatties Bar & Grill, located at 1030 Old Eastern Ave. in Baltimore.

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