By Anita Marks

Is it to win the lottery? A million dollars? Or is it Ravens Season tickets for 20 years?! I asked the BEST Ravens fans around — the ones that take a personal day, work overtime every other day that week, drive out 795 for over an hour JUST to show some love to their Ravens on the grueling summer days of Training Camp.

So I asked: Which would be better — win a million dollars or Ravens Season tickets for 20 years. And it was split almost evenly. True Ravens fans can’t decide!

Which would you want? Guys, would you just take the tickets so that your wives couldn’t spend the cash on their kitchen and home remodeling dream?! Ladies, would you grab the tickets to get the guys out of the house for 10 days in the fall for some relaxation? Or better yet…grab your best girl friend and take the tickets yourself?!

How about your other option? Would you rather host a group of 23 friends in a Baltimore Ravens skybox for a game? Or would you rather ride the private jet with the players to Pittsburgh and watch the Ravens take on the Steelers? Again….most fans couldn’t decide.

Do you eat, sleep, drink and this year’s theme “play like a Raven” and take the away trip to take on archrival Steelers for a grudge-match in the Burgh? Or do you celebrate with the fam and friends in the unbeatable environment of the Baltimore Ravens stadium?! Scream your loudest on defensive plays…go crazy on 3rd downs…watch REEEEEEEEED pick one off for TD?!

The Maryland Lottery makes it all possible!! If you don’t win the cash, scratch the extra yards to win some of the greatest prizes a true Ravens fan could ask for!

Any way you look at it…this scratch-off is the true Ravens fan’s Ultimate Dream!

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the upcoming football season.

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