Abingdon Man Wins $50,000 Playing Bonus Match 5

Richard Sampson - Bonus Match 5Richard Sampson has had one lucky year.  Since last August, the Abingdon man has gotten married and found a job.  And if that wasn’t enough, the 37-year-old won $50,000 playing the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5.

Richard plays the Lottery every day.  “I get such a high from it,” he said.  The Abingdon resident said he recently had a dream that he would hit big.  He was on his way home from work on Tuesday when he bought the lucky ticket, using Quick Pick to randomly select his numbers.  “I was all psyched up when I found out it was a winner,” he said.  “I couldn’t sleep at all that night.”

The lucky man plans to use his winnings to pay the bills and take his wife on a trip.  Although he is excited about the big win, Richard said he won’t let the big win go to his head.  “Money is just paper,” he said.  “It comes and goes.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Beverage Barn, located at 3000 Emmorton Road in Abingdon.

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