Playing Out the Green in MD Lottery’s Green Ball Double Draw

Maryland Lottery Draws Three Green Balls This Weekend

Green Ball Double DrawThe Maryland Lottery’s Pick 3 has gone green…and given lots of it to players.  The Green Ball Double Draw’s lucky green ball was drawn three times this weekend, bringing good fortune to Maryland Pick 3 players.

The green ball appeared during Saturday’s midday drawing and during both the midday and evening drawing on Sunday, adding up to an additional $310,595 in winnings for Pick 3 players.

Since the promotion’s start on July 20, seven green balls have been drawn, resulting in $730,800 in additional Pick 3 pay-outs.

During Green Ball Double Draw, Lottery officials conduct an additional drawing after the midday and evening Pick 3 drawings, providing the possibility for an additional Pick 3 drawing.  The drawing takes place in a separate machine that contains 12 white balls and 1 green ball.  If the green ball is drawn, a second set of Pick 3 numbers are drawn, thus doubling the chances that players will win.

Green Ball Double Draw will continue until August 16.  Players are encouraged to look for winning numbers and Green Ball Double Draw results at, their local Lottery retailers and on WBAL-TV.

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