Maryland Lottery Players Seeing Green

The Maryland Lottery introduces its Green Ball Double Draw promotion on July 20

Green Ball Double DrawGreen Ball Double Draw bonus daily number promotion from July 20 through August 16, 2009. For 28 days, a bonus drawing will determine whether Lottery officials draw one or two sets of winning numbers for the daily Pick 3 midday and evening drawings.

During each mid-day and nightly Pick 3 drawing, Lottery officials will conduct a separate drawing from a separate single-chamber machine that contains 12 white balls and 1 green ball.  If the green ball is drawn, a second set of Pick 3 numbers will be drawn and players will have an additional chance to win from their original ticket purchase.

Director Buddy Roogow explained, “The Green Ball Promotion is a fun way to promote the Maryland Lottery’s Pick 3 and give players a chance to win more cash prizes with no extra cost.  This is a fun way to reward our loyal Pick 3 players and engage new participants.”

The Maryland Lottery’s Pick 3 drawings are held twice a day — midday and evening, seven-days-a-week and are televised every day except Saturdays on WBAL-TV. Look for winning numbers and the Green Ball Double Draw results during midday news and television broadcasts or visit

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