Glen Burnie Man Wins $250,000 Mega Millions Second-Tier Prize

Although a Glen Burnie man has lost some sleep, he couldn’t be happier about winning a $250,000 second-tier Mega Millions prize.  His lucky numbers were drawn during last Tuesday night’s drawing.

The electrician buys Mega Millions tickets on a weekly basis and continued his routine on Sunday. Although, he originally went to the store to buy some scratch-offs, he remembered he needed to get his Mega Millions tickets as well. He normally plays family member’s birth and death dates and these numbers finally paid off when the winner checked his numbers.

“I decided to see if I won something since I was out getting some more scratch-offs,” the 62-year-old said. “After scanning my ticket and seeing it was a winner, I had the cashier confirm it for me.” The cashier told the winner he just won $250,000. “I was stunned and could not sleep all last night,” he said. “I double checked the win again around 4 am.”

The sleepless player said he is going to pay bills with some of the prize money and take it easy with the rest. The winning ticket was purchased at Sunset Restaurant located at 625 Greenway Avenue in Glen Burnie.

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