Baltimore Woman Has 10,000 Reasons to Celebrate

Shirley Coleman - CelebrationShirley Coleman said she buys $1 Maryland Lottery scratch-offs whenever she goes to the store. But on Sunday, she decided to change things up and buy a $2 scratch-off instead. That extra dollar really paid off. Coleman’s $2 Celebration scratch-off won her the ticket’s $10,000 top prize.

Coleman could not believe that her ticket was a winner. She said that in the 1990s, she was one number away from winning $21 million. “My ticket was upside down,” she said. “I had a 6 and needed a 9.” Coleman framed a copy of the ticket and it is still hanging up in her living room.

The 72-year-old said she hopes to use her winnings to make others happy. She plans on giving some of the money to each of her four children and wants to use the rest to go on a trip to Atlatnic City with her niece.

The winning ticket was purchased at a Royal Farms, located at 3635 Keswick Road in Baltimore.

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