Lusby Woman’s Dream Comes True

She Wins a Second-Tier $ 50K Prize

Virginia Hall - Ultimate PaydayVirginia Hall, a 50-year-old meat wrapper from Lusby, dreamt about purchasing a scratch-off ticket and scratching the numbers 5-0-0-0-0. After weeks of having the same recurring dream, she decided to purchase an Ultimate Payday scratch-off ticket. To her shock, she won a second-tier $50,000 prize.

“I remember matching the correct numbers but under it was the prize amount,” she said. “At first I thought I won $50 but as I kept scratching, I realized there were more zeros. I was afraid to scratch the rest. I had to call my sister over to help me finish scratching the ticket.”

Hall said loves playing higher priced scratch-offs because she wins more. “I actually won $500 this past Christmas playing Ultimate Payday. “I believe it was a sign that I should keep playing this particular ticket. Thank God I did,” she said.

The lucky winner told Lottery officials that she plans to pay all her credit card bills off with the prize money.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Safeway on Dares Beach Road in Prince Frederick where Hall works. “I think it’s great that she won,” said Safeway Manager Teresa Ross. Ultimate Payday still has an unclaimed top-tier unclaimed $1 million prize.

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