Laurel Woman Wins $50,015 Playing Bonus Match 5

Barbara Mohler - Bonus Match 5Vincent Mohler didn’t believe his wife, Barbara, when she called to tell him that she’d won $50,015 on her Bonus Match 5 ticket. The 77-year-old woman was at the grocery store when she discovered that the ticket she had been carrying in her purse for three days was a winner. She was so excited to cash her ticket that she left her groceries in the cart and left the store.

Barbara said she buys a ticket for Bonus Match 5, her favorite game, about three days a week. She typically plays the same numbers every Friday, but on this occasion chose different ones. That change in her routine, resulted in her matching all five numbers on the third line and winning $50,000. The extra $15 came from the other two lines she played.

“I’ve been playing Bonus Match 5 ever since it started,” she said. “I’ve had a few lucky streaks, but nothing big like this.”

Barbara and her husband, now both retired, met at a bank where the couple worked together for nearly 40 years. They plan to use her winnings to celebrate their 60th anniversary in October.

The winning ticket was purchased at Astor Home Liquors, located at 364 Domer Ave. in Laurel.

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