$50,000 Delivered to Truck Driver

Baltimore County Man wins Bonus Match 5

Delivering items is the job of the Lottery’s latest big winner, but today his routine was a little different. This morning, instead of leaving a business with an empty truck, he walked out of Lottery Headquarters with a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 win.

The lucky gentleman chose his own numbers using significant dates from his life. When asked if he had watched the drawing on Saturday night he told officials, “No, I never watch, that’s bad luck.” When checking the results the next day he recognized a few of the numbers but wasn’t sure that he had them all. It wasn’t until he returned home that he could confirm that he’d matched all five. He immediately called his girlfriend to share the good news and begin planning a mini-vacation.

The winning ticket was purchased at Ye Olde Spirit Shop, located at 7028 Liberty Rd. in Baltimore.

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