Steamfitter Buddies Split $250K Mega Millions Prize

Second-Tier Winning Ticket Sold in Fallston

Steamfitters Buddies - Mega MillionsIt was an afterthought, a last-minute whim in fact, that led to the big win for the team of five co-workers from Steamfitters #486. Upon realizing that the Mega Millions jackpot had grown to $225 million, Sean Owens, the group’s ticket buyer, suggested that he and his friends kick in for some tickets. He and four others contributed five dollars each and Sean purchased 25 random picks on Friday morning.

Saturday afternoon, Sean checked the tickets at a Lottery retailer and discovered that he and his buddies won the $250,000 second-tier prize. Sean immediately started calling his fellow Mega Millions players, John Huber, Brian Runge, Randy Williams and another co-worker who wishes to remain anonymous. Upon relaying the good news, the reaction was unanimous…disbelief. “I didn’t believe him,” said John. “I thought he was pulling something,” added Brian.

While the men were united in their happiness about the win, their plans for their prize money varied. Sean, 22, intends to put a down payment on a house and go to Hawaii. John, 29, plans to take his wife and three children to Disney World. Brian, 46, will put his winnings in the bank. Randy, 22, had very different intentions. “I’m going to blow it,” he said. Last but not least, the anonymous winner was uncertain of his plans, saying that for now his winnings will go into the bank.

The winning ticket was sold at Savory Deli & Market, located at 2801 Fallston Rd. in Fallston.

The top-tier $225 million winning tickets were sold in California, Ohio, and Virginia. Three players will yield $75,000,000 each.

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