Local Carpenter Nails Platinum Rewards Prize

$50,000 Scratch-Off Winner

Platinum RewardsEdwin Troth, a 58-year-old Bethesda native, truly hit the nail on the head when he won a Platinum Reward’s $50,000 prize late Thursday afternoon. “I was in shock, actually more like disbelief when I realized I had won,” said Troth. “The most I’d ever won previously was $200.”

Troth, who regularly plays scratch-off tickets, purchased four Platinum Rewards tickets earlier and won $100. He decided to put those winnings towards a new set of chances. “I knew the Platinum Rewards scratch-off was paying out roughly two to one, so I figured I’d give the ticket another chance.”

When the store clerk confirmed Troth had won a $50,000 prize, the winner knew his fortune had changed. “This money certainly isn’t life-changing but it is definitely life–enhancing.” The carpenter of 35-years said that he will use the money to pay off bills and credit cards.

The winning ticket was purchased at Westlake B&D, located on 10442 Autopark Ave. in Bethesda.

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