Canton Man Hits 3D Jackpot for $50,000 Top-Prize Win

Dallas Rhodes - 3D Jackpot Displaying an easy smile and laid-back charm, Dallas Rhodes accepted his $50,000 3D Jackpot scratch-off win with casual nonchalance. Accompanied by his wife, Mildred, to Lottery Headquarters, the 76-year-old Canton resident appeared unfazed by his good fortune. The couple, who has been married for 54 years bantered about their windfall. “I tried to hide the ticket,” said Dallas. “But she said, ‘Let me see what you’ve got.”

Dallas stopped yesterday to pick up some packaged goods when he decided to buy a few scratch-offs. First, he asked for three of the 3D Jackpot tickets, but after the clerk told him there was just one left, he decided to purchase that one too. It was that last ticket that revealed his big win.

The retired maintenance supervisor scratched the ticket at home while Mildred looked on. “I think I won something,” said Dallas. Mildred then looked at it and agreed they had a winner. “I took a magnifying glass and checked it,” added Dallas. He then called the Lottery retailer, who told him to go to Lottery Headquarters.

The couple, who has three children along with five grandchildren and a great grandchild, joked about their celebration plans. “I’m going to get my own order of chicken strips,” said Mildred. The actual plan for the prize money is to put it into savings. “I’m going to bank it and sit back and smile about it,” said Dallas.

The winning ticket was purchased at Holabird Discount Liquors, located at 7155 Holabird Ave. in Baltimore.

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