Sweet Treat Turns into a Sweet Win

St. Mary’s County Man Wins $50,000 Playing Blackjack Blowout Scratch-off

James Miesowitz - BlackJack Blowout Little did James Miesowitz suspect that a family outing to the Donut Connection for ice cream would turn into $50,000. While he and his girlfriend waited for their children to finish their treats, James decided to buy Mega Millions tickets and scratch-offs.

He didn’t win on the Golden Ticket scratch-off he purchased, so he asked his girlfriend, Samantha, to pick some tickets for him. Samantha told James to try the Blackjack Blowout ticket. About a month ago, Samantha won $500 playing two scratch-offs. “When her luck is going I trust her judgment,” said James.

James scratched his first Blackjack Blowout ticket to reveal a non-winner. However, on his second Blackjack Blowout scratch-off, the 27-year-old cab driver discovered a $50,000 top-prize win. “I didn’t believe it. I had Samantha look at it to tell me I’m not dreaming,” James said. “I couldn’t believe it either,” Samantha added

With the prize money, James plans to take their children to Disneyland, buy a car and put the rest in the bank. “We just went to eat some ice cream we weren’t expecting this,” he said with a smile. “It’s still hard to believe. I’m completely shocked,” added Samantha. “You need to pick my Mega Millions tickets too,” James exclaimed.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Donut Connection, located on N. Shangri La Drive in Lexington Park.

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