Cecil County Man Hits it Big with Keno Bonus

Celebrates $30,056 Win

Keno BonusA Cecil County man is finding Keno to be his lucky game. His ticket started out as a $10,000 win, but with the three times bonus added, he ended up with over $30,000.

The man bought an eight spot Keno ticket for 20 games while he was out with a few family members.

Six of the eight numbers he chose were birth dates that were special to him, including those of his children and his wife. The other two numbers he selected were his wife’s two favorite numbers.

After rushing to get his ticket in just a couple seconds before the game began, he watched in surprise as all of his numbers started to pop up. “I was so close to not getting my ticket in before the game started,” the lucky man told Lottery officials.

“Just give me a three,” he shouted as he saw his last number appear on the screen. With that, he and his entire group began to cheer. The Cecil County man instantly called his wife of 31 years with his unbelievable news.

The winner, who works as a director of building and grounds, plans to pay bills and save the rest of the money for a rainy day.

The winning ticket was purchased at Wesley’s, located at 3700 Telegraph Rd. in Elkton.

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