Weekly Routine Results in Win for Sykesville Woman

Wins $50,017 Playing Bonus Match 5

Patricia Masimore - Bonus Match 5Patricia Masimore arrived at Lottery Headquarters, her husband Butch, by her side to claim her Bonus Match 5 prize. The 62-year-old bought her weekly allotment of tickets last Saturday at Carrolltowne Liquors. “I buy them every week for each day of the week,” said Patricia. “I always get random picks.” Patricia is also a fan of the Lottery’s Multi-Match and Mega Millions games.

Thursday’s drawing was the one that paid off to the tune of $50,000 for the retired customer service representative. The happy Masimores discovered they had won when Butch checked their ticket on Friday morning. “I looked at the ticket and thought wait a minute,” said the 63-year-old retiree. “I was sure it was a mistake, a misprint in the paper.” Butch was so certain it couldn’t be true, that he called Lottery Headquarters to check the numbers. “That’s when I realized we’d won,” he said. Patricia, still the skeptic, said that she will get excited when the check is actually in her hand.

Calling their win “cool” the twosome were also a bit philosophical about the prize money. Patricia has had some health issues of late, so while they were delighted, they also put their windfall into perspective. The parents of a 40-year-old son and 36-year-old daughter, the couple intends to share with their children and put the rest in savings.

The winning ticket was purchased at Carrolltowne Liquors, located at 6410 Ridge Rd. in Eldersburg. The Masimores were the second couple from Sykesville to claim a big Lottery prize today. Just an hour beforehand, a Sykseville woman arrived at the Lottery to claim her $250,000 Mega Millions win. Less than a month ago, another $250,000 Mega Millions winning ticket was sold at Carrolltowne Liquors, the site of Patricia’s good fortune.

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