Pick 3 Players Win Big…Again…And Again

Weekend Drawings Break the Bank

Pick 3 players were rewarded with two big payouts this past weekend. On Saturday evening, 4-1-8 was drawn, numerically matching the April 18th drawing date. And, the Sunday midday drawing produced 3-3-3, making it the 13th time this fiscal year that a Pick 3 drawing produced triple numbers. Between those two drawings, more than $1.7 million was paid out to over 9,400 winners. The drawings took in just over $706,000 in sales.

“What an exciting weekend for Pick 3 players,” said Director Buddy Roogow. “Not only did they break the bank once, but twice! And, what are the odds of 4-1-8 hitting on April 18th…pretty incredible!”

The Maryland Lottery’s Pick 3 drawings are held twice daily — midday and evening, seven-days-a-week and are televised every day except Saturdays on WBAL-TV and Maryland Public Television.

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