Mr. Cash Visits Lottery

Postal Employee Wins $100,000 Blazin’ Hot Bucks Top Prize

Thomas Cash - Blazin' Hot BucksThere’s always a lot of cash at Lottery Headquarters, figuratively speaking, but today officials literally welcomed Mr. Tommy Cash into their Winners Lounge. Mr. Cash, who had barely slept a wink the night before, was there to drop off his winning Blazin’ Hot Bucks scratch-off and pick up his winnings.

The post office employee from White Marsh was heading home from work over the weekend when something told him to take a different route, one he’d never travelled. “I made the turn off of my regular road home and immediately saw the Maryland Lottery sign,” he told officials. “I bought a couple of my favorite tickets and that same voice told me to try something else new.” That voice deserves a share of the $100,000 because the “new” ticket – Blazin’Hot Bucks – proved to be a big winner when Tommy scratched it the next morning.

“It was early and I was still a little groggy…I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.” Only after receiving confirmation from a trusted friend did Mr. Cash really believe he had more cash coming his way. Tommy plans to take care of several of his bills, as well as a few that are troubling his mother. He also will be picking-up vacation brochures. “I’ve never had a real vacation. I’ll grab my nieces and nephews and who knows…maybe a cruise, maybe Disney World.”

The winning ticket was purchased at 5th Avenue Liquors, located at 508 South Crain Highway in Glen Burnie.

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