$1.2 Million Multi-Match Windfall for Unemployed Trucker

Bryan Boushell - $1.2 Million Multi-MatchAn unemployed truck driver from Glen Burnie woke to a big surprise this morning. The 47-year-old retrieved his Multi-Match tickets from his truck and started examining Lottery website results. When all six of his Multi-Match numbers matched the results from last night’s drawing, Bryan Boushell, Sr. knew he had just won $1.2 million. “I’ve always dreamed of winning, but it was just a dream, then,” said Brian.

“He called me at work and was screaming so loud that I thought something was wrong,” said his wife, Donna. When she finally understood what he was trying to say she was thrilled. The Boushells now have a mixture of excitement and relief. Due to economic pressures, Bryan lost his job in November, and after finding work he was again laid off in February. “This came at a great time. We were getting by, but we’re simple people,” said Bryan. “Just today I was going to recycle some cans for gas money.”

The couple will be taking the $750,000 lump sum cash option and plan to use the winnings to pay car loans and student loans, and put some of the jackpot into the bank. They are planning to celebrate with family and go on a previously scheduled Caribbean cruise. Brian says he will resume his job search on Friday. “All I want to do is drive trucks. It’s what I love to do,” said Brian.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Glen Burnie Texaco, located at 7200 Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie.  The last time the Multi-Match jackpot was hit was on January 31st. A Nottingham family claimed the $1.1 million jackpot.  The largest jackpot ever won on Multi-Match was $3 million in November 2008.

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