Cashier Digests $1 Million Win on Lunch Break

Wins $1 Million Merry Millions Top Prize

Deborah Owens - Merry MillionsDeborah Owens, a 57-year-old cashier from Airville, Pennsylvania, is a slow eater and prefers to play Lottery scratch-offs on her breaks as opposed to trying to down a quick lunch. Her eating habits proved very profitable when she played a Merry Millions scratch-off and won the ticket’s top-tier $1 million prize.

“Since I really don’t eat lunch at work, I usually buy scratch-off tickets,” said Deborah. “For some reason I decided to buy a Merry Millions. I just had this feeling that I would win something. Thank goodness I went with my gut instinct or I wouldn’t be sitting here.”

Deborah, who was accompanied by her two sisters to Lottery Headquarters, told Lottery officials that the money could not have come at a better time. “Since my win, my boss has been teasing me about buying a new bungee cord with my winnings to hold the broken trunk of my car shut,” she said. “That’s how difficult it’s been lately.”

The lucky winner said she’d invest most of the money and perhaps, look into purchasing a new vehicle. The winning ticket was purchased at Saubel’s Market on Line Road in Whiteford.

One of this month’s “Buddy’s Best Bets”, the Merry Millions ticket still has a one million dollar prize that has not been claimed and over 97% of the tickets have been sold.

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