Hagerstown Man is $100,000 Richer

Wins Playing the Casino Royale Scratch-off Ticket

William Henry - Casino RoyaleWilliam Henry was on his way to work on Friday when he stopped to purchase a couple of scratch-offs. The Hagerstown man picked up two Casino Royale scratch-offs, one of which turned out to be a $100,000 top-prize winner.

The electrician waited until he got to work before scratching the tickets, revealing the big win. He won $10 on the first ticket. “That’s what normally happens, when I buy tickets,” he said. “One win is usually $10 and one will be for $15, but this time I kept seeing zeros.” Even still, the lucky player thought he only won $10,000, but as he looked at the ticket closer he saw it was the big $100,000 winner. “I kept looking at the numbers over and over to make sure they matched,” said William.

The 61-year-old first called his wife to share the big news, but she wasn’t home. So, he called the rest of his family to tell them. William finally informed his wife later in the day, who thought he was kidding until she saw the actual ticket. “After showing my wife the ticket, I signed the back and locked it up until today,” he said.

William said he is going to use the prize money to build a two car garage and maybe use some towards a Caribbean cruise in the fall. The winning ticket was purchased at Maugans Avenue BP gas station, located at 18403 Maugans Avenue in Hagerstown.

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