Water Stop Quenches Thirst for Win

Silver Spring Man Wins $100,000 Diamond Mine Top Prize

Matthew Allen - Diamond MineOn Monday, Matthew Allen, a home health physical therapist, was out making work visits and stopped at the 7-11 to grab a bottle of water and buy a Diamond Mine scratch-off. “I bought just the one ticket,” said Matthew. “I always wait until I get home to scratch them,” he added.

So, it wasn’t until later that day that he discovered that he was $100,000 richer.

“I hadn’t played this particular ticket before, so I just kept reading it over and over again,”

said the 32-year-old. “I just stared at it awhile.”

Still a bit skeptical that he’d actually won, he tried to phone his wife of seven years to tell her the news. When he finally reached her, she too expressed doubt. In fact, it wasn’t until Matthew went to the Lottery’s Lanham office and they confirmed the win, that he was truly convinced.

Matthew said that he will use his prize money to pay credit card debt, buy a new computer and show a little appreciation to family and friends. He then added, “goodbye student loans.”

The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11 #11575, located at 13201 Cloppers Mill Dr. in Germantown.

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