No More Monday Morning Blues

Montgomery County Man Wins Lucky 8’s $80,000 Top Prize

Rolf Preisendorfer - Lucky 8'sRolf Preisendorfer woke up on what started out as a dreary, cloudy and rainy Monday morning. While getting ready to go to work, the 49-year-old came across three Lottery scratch-offs that he had purchased on Saturday morning. Maybe this will cheer me up, he thought as he took the first scratch-off ticket out of the drawer, where it had been tucked away. He scratched the Lucky 8’s ticket to discover that it was worth $80,000. “I was so excited, that I’d won, I almost fainted,” he admitted.

“I forgot that the scratch-offs were even in there,” said Rolf. “What a Monday morning pick-me-up,” he exclaimed. After calling his job to let them know he’d be in late, he went to the Lottery’s Lanham office where they then directed him to Lottery Headquarters. “I was so excited, them telling me to go to Lottery Headquarters, really confirmed my win,” he said.

Rolf’s life-partner of 25 years bought him tickets for his birthday last November and he won $500. “I usually win with scratch-offs all the time and spend it playing more scratch-offs,” the lucky winner said. “My partner is always telling me to save my winnings. He won’t have anything to say now. I have plenty to save.”

The father of a nine-year-old son said he plans to pay-off taxes and the rest will go in the bank. The winning ticket was purchased at the Giant grocery store, located at 9719 Traville Gateway Dr. in Rockville.

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